Quick and Easy Mason Jar Makeovers

created at: 03/28/2011

One thing’s for sure: mason jars are awesome. They’re widely available, inexpensive, and work equally well inside the kitchen and out, and their looks are oh so au currant in design mags these days.

Celeste snagged several dozens from Freecycle, and came up with two awesome projects to transform them from clear and functional to something special.   First, she figured out a way to paint the jars to give them the tinge of the unnecessarily pricey vintage glass you see in antique shops:

Then, she came up with a way to add just enough chalkboard paint to make ’em snazzy:

Get the full tutorials at Celeste’s guest post on Tatertots and Jello


Jaw Dropping Teachers Lounge Makeover

created at: 10/03/2010

Is there a secret rule that teachers’ lounges have to be so uninviting and cold that teachers will hustle back to their classrooms the minute the bell rings? I wouldn’t really want to hang out during my lunch half hour in this dismal break room. Or, would I???

created at: 10/03/2010

TV producer turned decorator,  Bryan Patrick Flynn teamed up with The Editor at Large and Staples to turn this dismal Rhode Island teachers’ lounge into a happy, cheery, dare I say inspiring, break room.  Continue Reading

ANOTHER Un-freakin-believable Re-Upholstery Re-Vamp


Last week we featured a stunning re-upholstery re-vamp, and today we have another that will blow your socks off. Check out the after:   


This one comes to us from CasaSugar‘s diywithADD, who decided to leave the re-do to a professional. She doesn’t say how much the project cost, but having had a sofa re-upholstered by a professional, I’m guessing it wasn’t cheap. My 78″ long sofa, which I had covered in a fabric that was around 50 bucks a yard, set me back about a grand. Continue Reading

Turn an Upholstered Chair Into a Tree Swing


Two sisters, Amy and Jeni, write the Peppertowne blog. One loves furniture and chairs so I’m assuming she’s the one who reworked this $8.00 upholstered chair into a waterproof tree swing. Though, I would probably add a seat belt of some sort to keep the kids from flying out.  Jeni (I’m assuming) shows you how to waterproof this cushy swing, as well as how to string the chair securely onto the end of the ropes. Continue Reading

Dumpy Garage Turns Into a Slick Modern Studio

created at: 05/03/2010

Kitchen and bathroom makeovers sort of grab my attention, but  garage, basement and shed makeovers stop me dead in my surfing tracks. In fact, this detached two car garage turned studio/office has me looking at my “dumpy” garage with new hope. After the conversion, the remodel increased the garage to include a bathroom, a loft and a roof deck. See the slick and modern results.  created at: 05/03/2010

Read more at Sunset.com.

How To Reupholster a $15.00 Garage Sale Wingback Chair

created at: 04/05/2010

Everybody asks me if they can handle reupholstering the classic Wingback chair.  Unless you’re a skilled slipcover seamstress, you might get overly ambitious and find yourself elbow deep in cotton batting before you know it. Before you remove the first staple, created at: 04/05/2010

see how Creative Maven tears it down in Part 1 and puts it all back together in Part 2.

I can tell you that she saved her friend at least $375.00 in labor, and that’s a low reupholstery price here in the midwest.  Continue Reading

Before and After Chalkboard Chair Makeover


Welcome to a new feature here on Curbly! It’s called…drumroll, please….Make Over Mondays!! (Okay, so you could figure that one out by the totally awesome banner above.) Anyhoo, Mondays are going to be devoted to fabulous befores & afters. So if you like a good makeover (and who doesn’t?) make sure you visit every Monday for your makeover fill. And if you’ve got a good makeover of your own to show off, don’t worry, Tuesday through Friday are still available*. Continue Reading