Make It: A Free Printable Jigsaw Puzzle of the U.S.

created at: 07/03/2012

Puzzles are fun, learning is fun, and hey, it’s the Fourth of July: why not make a jigsaw puzzle of the U.S.??    

This printable map and jigsaw puzzle template is a fun activity for kids that just might teach them a thing or two about geography as well. (BONUS!) I love the idea of creating “question” flags to help them identify important places, too. Check out the how-to and download the free printable templates over on Mr. Continue Reading

Typography Maps

Take a closer look at this map of NYC and you’ll see it’s shape is constructed of places in NYC itself. The creator, Bold and Noble, offers several locales, including Italy, Australia, the British Isles, Africa, Canada, Ireland, France, New Zealand, London and the USA. If your special place isn’t listed here, they take requests as well.

Spotted at The Designer Pad.

DIY Idea: Places You ‘Heart’ Map Art

I’m not really into hearts, but I’m really into this DIY idea. You tell the maker of the ‘Bespoke’ Heart Map Artwork ($400 US)  which places in the world are important to you and they punch the locales out of vintage maps, mount them and then frame them up. Now, how easy would this be to DIY?? If you don’t have a collection of vintage maps of your favorite places on hand, current maps would do just fine. Continue Reading

Make Map Coasters

Instead of discarding those beat-up maps of your favorite places, how about turning them into coasters? Lovely, cost-effective and green, three things the vast majority of souvenirs are not.     

To make them, here’s what we’ll need:

  • cork coasters (but we could certainly cut our own cork purchased at the craft store)
  • cutting mat
  • craft knife
  • glue sealant (Mod Podge?)
  • foam brush
  • maps, although, when you think about it, this project lends itself to just about any printed material.
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