Build Your Own Cupboard Shelving

created at: 01/18/2012

The closet in our spare bedroom is huge- it takes up an entire wall (which is terrible for furniture arranging, let me tell ya)!  Unfortunately, it only has one dinky wire shelf inside, which means all my c-r-a-p is simply piled on top of itself and lacks any rhyme or reason at all.  I’m thinking a simple DIY shelving system would be the answer.   Amy from The Idea Room scored big on some old lockers that she spruced up, but still had an empty space in need of shelves.  Continue Reading

Make: CHEAP Mod Wall Treatment

created at: 04/14/2011

Jason Hammond of local ‘From the Ground Up’ fame, replicated the above wall treatment in his family’s first floor bathroom for–get this–6 bucks. The original is actually CLIF™ wall panels from Modular Arts


To achieve this feat, Jason used scrap pieces of MDF in both 1/2″ and 3/4″ thicknesses. Once the MDF was applied, he filled the cracks and nail holes with paintable caulk and then covered the entire wall with a bright white paint. 

Read more about this project at the StarTrib. Continue Reading

DIY Air Hockey Table.


Full size, and a fraction of the cost. OldSchoolStructure built a full sized air hockey table entirely from scrap, only purchasing premade pucks and mallets.  The frame is whitewood, the ‘ice’ MDF, and the air source? A leaf blower.

“An attached 3D drawing of the project might help you understand this project. You can download it in the Images and Files menu below. In order to view this drawing you need the free application Google Sketchup Viewer. Continue Reading

Cheese Lamps

Related Video:

Architectural student Andrés Moreno has a lamp collection entitled, ‘Lamparas Caseus’, which is Latin for Cheese Lamps. Although they’re made of MDF and not baby Swiss, the name is still appropriate. DIYable? I’d bet my freshly-grated-Parmesan-loving behind on it. Spotted at Designboom.

My New Craft Room: The Work Station

With the walls painted, it was time to address the work station. I considered the surface space that seemed comfortable. I wanted enough room to spread out but not so big that it would overpower the room. I decided 22″ by 48″ would work just fine. As it happened, we had an old, laminated desktop–leftover from another re-do–out in the garage accumulating dust. It was on the big size, so MWT* trimmed it down to size. Continue Reading