How to Tell the Doneness of Meat with Your Finger

Okay, you know how on Top Chef the contestants can touch a piece of meat with their fingertips and they can tell its ‘doneness’? It always impresses because I’m more of a thermometer girl, or–worse yet–a stick a knife in there and poke around girl. Anyway, there really isn’t any magic behind the finger test. It’s just a matter of knowing what you’re feeling for, so says Elise at Simply Recipes. For instance, raw feels like the fleshy bit at the base of your thumb, demonstrated here:


Now press your pinky to your thumb and feel the same spot. Continue Reading

Meat Head.

So, it’s kinda like not being able to look away from a flaming car crash, but it’ll still make you giggle.


“Hubby discovered that whipped cream cheese (whip your own with a mixer) made wonderful “glue”. Smear it all over a cheap skull then cover it with thin slices of meat (ham seems to look the best). The eyes are olives stuffed into martini onions.” From Flickr.

Happy Halloween, hamfaces.



Cold Cut Coasters.

I can't read German, so there's not much more detail I can provide, but these are totally dope.

The website describes:

Topfuntersetzer Aufschnitt
mit Rotwurst, Mortadella und Bierwurst 
Die Filzscheiben Aufschnitt aus 100 % Schurwolle sind mit einem beidseitigen Textildruck veredelt.Von jeder Wurstsorte ist 1Scheibe im Set.


Can anybody help?