5 Blogs To Help You Lead A Minimalist Lifestyle

5 must-read minimalist blogs

Every January, people across the globe make a goal of living a more simple and clutter-free life. We all have our take on being minimalist and how best to achieve it. Here are five minimalist blogs you should be reading to help you on your way!      


The Minimalists – Josh and Ryan write about what it means to really live a better life by freeing yourself from all the possessions and items that make us seem happy on the surface. Continue Reading

What is Swedish Death Cleaning? The Art of Mindful Minimalism

Swedish Death Cleaning 101

I got a text the other day from my mom. She was asking me if I wanted a collection of magazines that she had held onto from my childhood (if you're curious, it was a collection of  Cricket magazines from the late 70s). Then I got another text — my mom had found an old photo that she wanted to share with me. Then four more texts came my way, each containing a picture or memory of something from the past. Continue Reading

A Quick Start Guide For the Soft-Core Minimalist

Simple desk, minimalist workspace

A Guide To Minimalist Living

Are you starting to become intrigued with the minimalist lifestyle, but don’t know where to start? It might seem as easy as just throwing out all the things that don’t bring you joy, but it’s more than that. Let this guide to minimalist living take you through the easy steps that will help you have a stress free transition into minimalism.

What is Minimalism?

So, we all probably hear this term thrown around all the time, and it’s thrown all over your Instagram and Pinterest pages, but what exactly is it?  Continue Reading

A Room-by-Room Guide for Lightening Your Material Load (With Printable Checklist!)

A Room-by-Room Guide for Lightening Your Material Load

The spring cleaning bug has bitten me. Hard. Which is right on schedule for this time of year. After winter has long lost its charm, that's when I usually start itching to “switch things up” in my house. This usually includes throwing away or thinning out a good number of my material possessions. When it's so muddy and dark outdoors, feels like a fresh breath indoors, ya know? Rather than get overwhelmed at the notion of downsizing your entire house, I find it's nicer to stick to a list. Continue Reading

How to Achieve Bedroom Bliss: What Should Stay and What Should Go

Bedrooms are meant to be a place of rest and relaxation, but for many of us, our bedrooms do double duty as sitting areas, nurseries, living rooms, storage, etc. No matter your situation, finding little ways to help yourself relax and get enough sleep could be as easy as getting rid of some things and keeping others. Of course, you know yourself best, so not everything on this list may apply to you. Continue Reading

The Only Three Home Organization Books You Need To Get Through this Year

Isn't it funny how you can open up Pinterest and get a sense of exactly what time of year it is? A month ago it was filled Christmas ornaments, gifts, decoration, and food selections. Literally, the day after New Years, you open it up and are filled with how you can lose ten pounds in the next two months or start the year organizing your life. In the area of organization, there are so many wonderful ideas and tips that I personally can get overwhelmed by it all. Continue Reading

Five New Year’s Commitments that Will Make Your Home a Happy Place

New Year's Resolutions for the Home

When I think of “home,” I always start with a visual picture: the layout, the colors, and all the “stuff” that makes it so unique. But, of course, my real concept of home doesn’t have anything to do with the physical structure or the things that sit inside it.  Home is a sense of peace and rest I experience by myself and with my family. And it’s the place where I nurture relationships, and build community. Continue Reading

Upside Down Planters

created at: 2010/02/03

Hungry for live plants? How about getting a fresh perspective on things with the Sky Planter? Nothing will lift the winter doldrums like fresh, live plants  hanging upside down in your house. The ceramic planters

created at: 2010/02/03

available from Velocity Art and Design have hit the scene providing all sorts of good for your home and garden. Designed by New Zealander, Patrick Morris, his award winning design conserves water

  • purifies air
  • saves floor space
  • only needs watering twice a month
  • requires minimal and minimalistic hanging apparatus
  • shakes up your conventional view of planters

Available from Velocity starting at $25.00 Continue Reading

The Most Minimalist House in the World?

the most minimalistic ghost house

Although this house has been billed as ‘the most minimalist house in Japan’, I’d be willing to bet it just might be the most minimalist house in the world.

ghost house

Designed by Datar, the house is reminiscent of a blank canvas. It’s all white, except the floors, which is a good thing, because, otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to tell which way is up.

ghost minimalist house

The stairs, on the other hand, ARE white.

ghost minimalist house


Minimalist Living Inspired by Nesting Dolls

created on: 03/11/08

Matryoshka dolls exemplify hidden spaces as one hides another and another and another. I actually have no idea if the dolls actually inspired Matroshka’s compact living concept, but I hope so.

created on: 03/11/08

The collection takes up a scant 43 square feet and includes:
a book shelf
a double bed
a sofa or corner sofa
a dinner table or sofa table
four stools
seating for 12
home office space
a wardrobe
cleaning products box
drawer for small clothing articles
folder storage
 created on: 03/11/08     

The designers hope to bring it into production soon. Continue Reading