You’re Never Too Old to Make a Flower Press

Make this DIY flower press from wood and bolts

I received my first flower press when I turned nine years old – maybe eight? The point is it was forever ago. I got it as a birthday gift from my best friend. The flower press came with a small instructional booklet on how to collect and preserve colorful wildflowers. On the front of the press was an illustration of Anne of Green Gables, happily picking florals and putting them into a giant basket. I still have that flower press, all these years later, with flowers wedged between the pages that are as old as the press itself. Continue Reading

How To: Decorate Housewares in Minutes with Neon Stickers

created at: 07/01/2012

I’ve had a stack of neon circle stickers sitting in my junk drawer for months now, but now that I’ve found this quick DIY idea, I’ll be putting those stickers to good use.   
neon sticker diy housewares idea
Andrea Howe shows you how to add a pop of color to any white houseware item you can imagine, from pots to table trays. The results are quirky, mod, and oh-so-clever.
Visit Making it Lovely now to see the step by step tutorial and view more photos.
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6 No-Carve Pumpkin Ideas

created at: 10/18/2011

I know that pumpkin carving is a significant tradition for many on Halloween, as is cleaning up all the goopy leftovers after the event (which is no fun when cleaning said goop off of small toddling people). While it would be almost blasphemous to not carve a pumpkin at our house, it wouldn’t hurt to try some of these non-carving ideas!   Clever use of wire turns this pumpkin (above) from an orange bore to something much more whimsical- and the best part is, you can save the wire for next year! Continue Reading

Make It: Hip Chevron Decoupage Pumpkins!

created at: 09/29/2011

Sure, we’ve decoupaged desks, trays, even ceilings… but pumpkins??  That’s just crazy talk! Or is it?  Hmm…  


After looking at these super stylish chevron pumpkins, I kinda have the itch to bust out some mod podge and just start decoupaging everything: my laptop, the dog, maybe even the car.  For now, though, I’ll reign it in and settle for these crazy cool, non-traditional Halloween pumpkins.  Sigh… the dog would look good in chevron.   Continue Reading

How to Tin Foil a Nightstand

I know. This sounds weird, but it’s really a pretty clever idea! As Mandi from Vintage Revival says, furniture with metallic accents are everywhere. She loves the look but doesn’t like the faux nature of plain old metallic paint. So, Mandi decided to add real metal to a cast-off nightstand using, that’s right, tin foil. 

Mandi had everything in the house she needed to complete this project, which included:

  • tin foil
  • Mod Podge
  • Modern Options Sophisticated Finishes in steel finish
  • Ralph Lauren Faux Glaze in Black Silk

For the entire tutorial, head on over to Vintage Revival. Continue Reading

How to: ‘Upholster’ a Nightstand


When we think of wood secondhand furniture makeovers, we generally think of varnish or paint NOT fabric. But that’s just what jcaroline did. Perhaps she was inspired by our very own Shelly,    aka ModHomeEcTeacher who did something very similar for AT awhile back. For this project, a couple of sad side tables underwent a major transformation using some of the stuff on this list:      

  • a sander
  • wood putty
  • primer
  • paint
  • painter’s tape
  • fabric
  • Hard Coat Mod Podge
  • extra-fine sandpaper
  • steel wool
  • new hardware, if desired

And if you use all those things the right way, here’s what your piece could look like when you’re done:


Now, to SEE how to do such a project yourself, head on over to Continue Reading