Alternative Walls

created at: 03/18/2010

Local friend and blogger Lesley of The Design File has gathered up 6 alternative wall applications to liven up the dreaded blank wall. Inspired by an episode of Diving Design, she took off on the theme and located more non-paint and almost non-wallpaper modern ways to decorate your walls. For those of us designing on a budget, I can tell right now that some of these could be easily DIY’d with some ingenuity.See her entire collection and where to find it right here. Continue Reading

Before and After: A Punch of Aqua Goes a Long Way

created at: 2010/01/21

Fabric cording? Nooooo…it’s aqua vinyl! When you pick the right color, there’s no going wrong. Take a look at what three coats of delicious aqua paint will do when paired with a large, modern, graphic, floral fabric. It’s fresh, modern, filled with hi grade upholstery foam and as comfy as can be. If you love it, it’s on etsy right here. Now take a look at Cinderella before the fairy mod home ec teacher paid her a visit…created at: 2010/01/21

Ugh! Continue Reading

Star Lights from Manila Envelopes


created at: 2009/12/17Let’s just imagine you’ve got some free time on Saturday morning and you’re having friends over Saturday night. Jeesh, that takes some imagination for cryin’ out loud! Well, lucky for you, Ben has given us a pattern to make FAB star lights out of manila envelopes to cover your basic white lights. This would definitely be a great Christmas Eve look, so relevant, so pretty!I found this over on Dudecraft (of course) and he directs you to the exact instructions. Continue Reading

15 Bundled Gift Combos to Keep Everybody Busy and Happy

created at: 2009/12/17

The best gifts are the ones you get to fiddle around with all day long on Christmas day and beyond. After figuring out this brilliant formula for gift giving success, it almost seems too easy. Whatever the interest, buy a gadget, a book, and materials or tools to go with it. You get tons of mileage out of one theme and the recipient can’t help but get completely engaged in the activity it provides. Check out tons of links right here. Continue Reading

Make a Beefy Bolster Pillow from Old Towels

 created at: 2009/11/18

Let me just share this nifty RE-Use project with you. I’ll be showing you how you can put those old ratty towels you’re tempted to away to good use. Remember the cool way you used to roll a beach towel with your cute little bathing suit tucked tightly in the middle and ride your bike off to the pool? That delightful childhood memory gave me the idea for this super easy beefy bolster which ends up being a fantastic end-of-the-couch nap pillow and uses those old beach towels that hold so many memories. Continue Reading

Easy No Sew Daybed Bedskirt

created at: 2009/11/08

It may look like this smart, pleated bedskirt (dust ruffle) was custom made for this daybed bedding ensemble, but oh no. This simple, single pleated fabric panel is attached with velcro to the front bedspring rail. It can be removed and replaced easily for lots of under the bed storage. gives you step by step instructions to make a sewn, and a no-sew version of this bedskirt. All you need to get started:

4 yards of fabric

2 1/2 yards of velcro


straight pins

For Sewing: thread

For No-Sew: Heat N Bond Ultrahold for hemming and adhering velcro

You can see exactly what to do right here. Continue Reading

Elegant and Eclectic Thanksgiving Tablescapes You Can Do Yourself

created at: 2009-11-04

Photo Images: Bobbi Fabian

Look, Thanksgiving deserves its three weeks of November all to itself. Nobody’s horning in on Christmas’ time. Thanksgiving is a less stressed, better version of Christmas. It’s like the delicious appetizer before Christmas. The decorating and preparation is calmer, more understated, elegant, dignified and poised. Erinn Valencich over on HGTV shows us that Thanksgiving decor has gone way beyond pilgrims and turkey statues. If you want to get in the mood, just take a look at these sophisticated tablescapes that will inspire you to get Autumny creative.   Continue Reading

Vintage Typewriters in Design

created at: 2009-10-21

Photo Image: LuphiaLoves

Can you think of anything unappealing about the design of vintage typewriters?  They evoke feelings of long, arduous hours of thinking and rethinking brilliant ideas, plunking along until the last page is yanked from the rollers with satisfied uncertainty. It’s old school at its best.  Even if you’re not a writer, you can’t deny the coolness of a vintage typwriter sitting there all “I still look so good, even if you prefer a boring keyboard”.  Continue Reading

DIY Thanksgiving: 15 Early House Prep Tips

created at: 2009-10-20

Don’t get caught like this–table centerpiece is ready and the wall is still being painted–Yikes!

We’re not even to Halloween and, from past experience, it’s time get my Thanksgiving (House Projects) To Do list in order. Every year I’m caught at the last minute trying to spruce up the joint and make the most outstanding tablescapes (in the words of Sandra Lee) the world has ever seen.

We’re five weeks out. There’s plenty of time, if well planned, to whip the house into an entertaining mecca that will meet even your highest expectations.  Continue Reading

A-Z StainBuster Guide

created at: 2009-09-04

Who was it that gave me the go-ahead to install nearly white carpet throughout the upstairs? Oh yeah, I told myself that if I liked it, I should just do it.  You should see it eight years later.  A spilled glass of milk by a man who loves cold milk with his warm chocolate chip cookies late at night is the latest catastrophe.

created at: 2009-09-04

Fortunately, the A-Z StainBuster over on provides a thoroughly comprehensive  guide to stain removal tips for fabric, upholstery and carpet.  Continue Reading