Yes, You Can Have a Great Vacation on a Budget. Here’s How.

Tips for budget travel

Who doesn't love to travel? Even if it's for one overnight stay, a quick vacation is good for the soul. There's a common misconception about the cost of travel and that vacationing is only for the wealthy, but you can have a good time for less! Here are a few tips and tricks to help you plan a smashing vacation on a budget! 



1. Airfare/Transportation – A novice jetsetter might think to quickly just check out sites like Travelocity or Expedia, but you can find better deals on airfare through sites like Continue Reading

How to Go to the Movies for Less This Summer

How to get cheap movies tickets and save money this summer

It's summertime, which means bonus free time, if you're lucky. Going to the movies is a classic way to stay out of the sun while still having fun – the only issue is that outlandish price tag! I had quit going to the movies a few years back, because the cost of admission was higher than I was comfortable with. However, after learning different ways to obtain cheap movie tickets, and figuring out how to keep my costs low, I'm back to seeing flicks on the big screen. Continue Reading

Stupid (and Expensive) House Mistakes I’ve Made That You Should Avoid

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For most of us, the fun part of moving into a new home is putting our own stamp on the space. I’m sure people who get excited about furnaces and drainage are out there (and waiting to leave a comment), but I can’t be the only one who barely gave that stuff a thought. As a first-time homeowner, though, I have made some stupid, expensive mistakes on the boring stuff that no one talks about. Continue Reading

5 Ways to Trick Yourself into Managing Your Money Better

If your New Year's resolution was to manage your money better, we've got you covered! Money management is going to be different for every person, especially when we all have different spending habits and attitudes about money. As a 26-year-old with thousands of dollars in student loans hanging over my head, I certainly don't pretend to have all the answers, but I CAN give you a few tried-and-true tips that will trick you into managing your money better so you can enjoy financial stability.  Continue Reading

How to Save Money On Groceries

Want to know how to save money on groceries? We've come up with 20 tips that will help you cut costs when purchasing food.  

How to save money on groceries

20. List it. Instead of listing everything you THINK you need, first plan your meals for the week and then buy the ingredients you’ll ACTUALLY need to make them. By doing so, experts say you just might save up to 41% on your grocery bill.

19. Eat first. This tried and true hint bears repeating, as going to the grocery story hungry is the primary reason we buy on impulse. Continue Reading

10 Tips To Make Your Home Buying Process Go Smoothly

10 Tips To Make Your Home Buying Process Go Smoothly
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Buying a home can be scary. Trust me, I know… I've done it twice. But those have also been two of the best decisions of my life. So today I wanted to share some tips for ensuring that your home buying process goes as smoothly as possible.   


10 Tips To Make Your Home Buying Process Go Smoothly
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1. Figure out exactly what you want ahead of time. Make a list of “must haves” and “cannot haves” and think about the architecture style and location as well.

Continue Reading

Thinking of Buying an Old Home? Here are 13 Questions You Need to Ask Before Making an Offer

13 questions to ask yourself before making an offer on an old house.

The allure of an old home? Definitely the charm and character. Old homes were built to last, the materials are usually higher quality, and the handmade details just can't be found in new developer builds. My husband and I have more than ten years of professional and personal experience in renovating old homes. We are not experts, but we are professionals, and I would love to share a few things we have learned from renovating old homes.     Continue Reading

25 Alternative Olive Oil Uses

There are many olive oil uses beyond what you might normally think of (cooking!). It's an incredibly versatile substance that you can put to good use in a lot of interesting situations. Here's how … 

olive oil uses

Nutritionists will continue to tout olive oil for its high content of healthful, monounsaturated fats, like oleic acid, and polyphenols. The fruit oil practically propelled the entire Western world in antiquity, and is mentioned in nearly every sacred text this side of the Tigris and Euphrates.    Continue Reading

14 Sneaky Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding

14 Sneaky Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding
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Getting married? Congratulations! Now onto the scary part… paying for the wedding. It’s expensive any way you look at it, but there are plenty of areas to cut back. Here are 14 sneaky ways to save money on your wedding.   

 1. DIY! Make as many things as possible… decorations, place cards, signage, favors, photo backdrops, etc. Also be sure to shop sales and use coupons when you’re buying supplies.

14 Sneaky Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding
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2. Consider alternative venue spaces. Continue Reading

11 Ways Supermarkets Trick Us into Spending More

Shame on those sneaky grocers with their grocery store tricks. You probably know the one about them keeping the more expensive brands at eye level, but did you hear about the no dollar sign trick? Leaving the $ sign off labels makes our brains think less about the fact that we’re spending money. Weird, but probably verified by dozens of focus groups, I’d imagine. Also, have you noticed how BIG grocery carts have gotten? (Case in point: Target. Continue Reading