Save Money, Get Fit: How You Can Achieve Both Fiscal and Physical Fitness at the Same Time

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Generally speaking, we all want to be physically healthier, and we all want to be more financially fit. Gains in both those spheres really boost our enjoyment of life, but attaining both those goals at the same time can seem intimidating. Can you save money and stay healthy? Do the two go hand-in-hand, or do they butt heads? Read on to learn about ways that will help you improve both your bodily and fiscal fitness. Continue Reading

How to Go to the Movies for Less This Summer

How to get cheap movies tickets and save money this summer

It's summertime, which means bonus free time, if you're lucky. Going to the movies is a classic way to stay out of the sun while still having fun – the only issue is that outlandish price tag! I had quit going to the movies a few years back, because the cost of admission was higher than I was comfortable with. However, after learning different ways to obtain cheap movie tickets, and figuring out how to keep my costs low, I'm back to seeing flicks on the big screen. Continue Reading

How to Save Money On Groceries

Want to know how to save money on groceries? We've come up with 20 tips that will help you cut costs when purchasing food.  

How to save money on groceries

20. List it. Instead of listing everything you THINK you need, first plan your meals for the week and then buy the ingredients you’ll ACTUALLY need to make them. By doing so, experts say you just might save up to 41% on your grocery bill.

19. Eat first. This tried and true hint bears repeating, as going to the grocery story hungry is the primary reason we buy on impulse. Continue Reading

A Stylish Rental Kitchen Makeover on a Tight Budget

This little kitchen was the remaining evidence of an attempted house flip gone bad. The old home had great bones, but a few serious structural issues, discovered once the previous owner/flipper opened up all the old walls. The kitchen became too much for them to handle, and that’s when we stepped in. 

When we found the house, we knew most of the renovation budget would go behind the walls (plumbing, electrical, structural repairs), so the kitchen finishes would have to happen on a serious budget. Continue Reading

14 Sneaky Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding

14 Sneaky Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding
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Getting married? Congratulations! Now onto the scary part… paying for the wedding. It’s expensive any way you look at it, but there are plenty of areas to cut back. Here are 14 sneaky ways to save money on your wedding.   

 1. DIY! Make as many things as possible… decorations, place cards, signage, favors, photo backdrops, etc. Also be sure to shop sales and use coupons when you’re buying supplies.

14 Sneaky Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding
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2. Consider alternative venue spaces. Continue Reading

Home Decor Hack: How to Transform Any Vase into a Savings Bank

 Transform any vase or jar into a coin bank.


On my New Year’s Resolutions list, there are always some standards: Drink more water, eat out less, exercise more, and save money. I have gotten pretty good at most of these things (with the exception of eating out less – does ordering more takeout count?), but I could always stand to save more money. Holding onto loose change is my go-to method for putting a little bit of dough away every day, but there’s always the question of what to keep all those loose pennies in. Continue Reading

11 Ways Supermarkets Trick Us into Spending More

Shame on those sneaky grocers with their grocery store tricks. You probably know the one about them keeping the more expensive brands at eye level, but did you hear about the no dollar sign trick? Leaving the $ sign off labels makes our brains think less about the fact that we’re spending money. Weird, but probably verified by dozens of focus groups, I’d imagine. Also, have you noticed how BIG grocery carts have gotten? (Case in point: Target. Continue Reading

How to: Save Big Bucks in the Bathroom

created at: 04/08/2010


The only thing you need to remember to save money in the bathroom is this: Don’t use so much. According to the Green Cheapskate, Jeff Yeager, we over-use all over the place. In the shower, at the sink, everywhere. Here’s some things to keep in mind when tending to our daily hygiene duties:     

Shampoo: The amount you need to use depends upon the length of your hair, not what the directions on the back of the bottle says.  Continue Reading

Curbly Recession Busters: 12 Ways to go Eco-Festive this Christmas and Save Bucks!

created on: 12/05/08

You might want to think of these eco-friendly decorating tips, as gifts to Mother Earth. With them we can all be as green as Christmas trees this holiday season and, in the long run, save some cash while we’re at it.

  1. Celebrate with a small, potted living Christmas tree that you can plant after the holidays and enjoy for years to come.
  2. Instead of buying new ones, reuse or remake your old Christmas decorations.
  3. Swap your old decorations with friends, family or neighbors.
Continue Reading