DIY Moon Phase Wind Chime

DIY clay lunar wind chime

I think we can all agree that moon phases continue to be all the rage. Not wanting to pass up on this bohemian trend, I brought moon symbols into my home with a lunar wind chime – keep reading to see how!          


What you'll need to make a moon phase wind chime



Lay down some parchment paper over your workspace. Continue Reading

An Over-the-Moon Birthday

Our daughter, Ayla, is crazy about the moon (does that make her a lunatic?); she talks about it all the time, and can spot it anywhere in the sky, day or night. Also (unbeknownst to us when we chose it), her name means ‘moon halo’ in Turkish. So when it came time for her second birthday party, we knew just the theme:

Moon decorations for a birthday party.

Alicia made these great moon decorations out of craft foam and tissue paper. Continue Reading

Perforated Moonstruck Light



If I had a Moonstruck light in my possession, I would cradle it in my arms and whisper sweet nothings in its perforations. The patterns in the handcrafted, porcelain, 9″ in diameter ‘light objects’ are made without the aid of stencils, so each creation is unique. The floral patterns cast upon the walls are achieved by using a clear bulb for a light source; using an opaque bulb will prevent this effect, if so desired. Moonstruck is designed by feinedinge, which means “fine things” in German. Continue Reading

Glow in the Dark Moon Table.

Houston, we have storage!

“This design by Sotirios Papadopoulos for ENNEZERO is one heavenly
creation…Created using ecologically safe paint (ELI ecolightinside), this “Fullmoon” sideboard furniture has the ability to “create special effects” in the dark.
I assume that means it glows in the dark or maybe it shoots laser
beams. The “Fullmoon” will be on-view at the SOHO temporary gallery in
Milan during the “dEMOsign” exhibition April 18-20, 2008.”

DIYable? Dunno, where can I get some of that paint

From YankoDesign, via Make. Continue Reading

Lunar Eclipse Photos: August 28, 2007

Here's your ancient Greek lesson for the day: the word eclipse comes from the preposition ek (out) + leipw (to leave). Leipw also finds itself in such words as lend/loan and relinquish.

Yesterday's lunar eclipse wasn't perfect (at least as viewed from the MidWest), but awesome enough. Here's a few photos and videos that captured the phenomenon. If these don't inspire you…you gots problems.



[From Monopole2006 @ Flickr] 

[Antiphonal Biped]
And a timelapse from March's Eclipse from Wikipedia