How to Craft the Perfect Smoothie Bowl

Photo by Holly Wade

You've seen these smoothie bowl recipes (or acai bowls) all over Pinterest, but have you tried to make one of your own yet? A smoothie bowl isn't hard to make it home, but remember, it's just as much about the smoothie as it is about the toppings! Blend your favorite ingredients together to make a tasty smoothie bowl recipe that will ensure your morning is off to a great start.

This strawberry banana smoothie bowl recipe is my favorite go-to flavor combo, but I can mix it up with different toppings based on what I have in the house, mixing chia seeds, nuts, fruits and coconut shavings. Continue Reading

9 Weird Ways to Make Your Coffee in the Morning

9 weird ways you could be making your coffee in the morning

If I'm ever put in one of those awkward share-something-about-yourself scenarios, my default answer is to say: I love coffee. Because it's just so true. I love coffee which ever way it's prepared, and I feel like I'd tried them all… until I did a little research. It turns out there are a LOT of weird ways to make your coffee in the morning, from putting it in a sock to adding butter. Let me know in the comments if you've braved any of these weird ways to make coffee! Continue Reading

How to Become a Morning Person (Tips From a Reformed Night Owl)

How to be a morning person - from one night owl to another

When I was a college student in my early twenties, I detested mornings. Not only did I hate them, but they literally made me sick. If I had an opening shift at work or an 8 A.M. class to make it to, there was always a battle between me, the morning air, and waves of pure nausea. I learned real quick that if I wanted to actually graduate, all my classes needed to be no earlier than 9:30 A.M.  Continue Reading