Summer Living: How to Throw an Amazing Backyard Movie Night

There's something uniquely romantic about watching a movie outdoors. While drive-in theaters are uncommon these days, you can still experience a movie under the stars by setting up your own outdoor movie theater for a backyard movie night.

We've put together a list of everything you need for an amazing backyard movie night, from the best outdoor projector to the ultimate movie snacks. Once you have everything you need for your outdoor movie night, you'll be all set to make it a regular summer tradition.  Continue Reading

The World’s Most Expensive Movie Poster

World’s most expensive movie poster

Does the robot in this poster look familiar? It should; it inspired George Lucas’s C-P3O. Promoting Fritz Lang’s 1927 film “Metropolis”, the poster, sold at auction back in 2005 by the Austrian National Library, brought in an impressive $690,000. Why so spendy? The movie is considered a masterpiece and only 3 other copies of the poster are known to exist. Its art deco fabulousness doesn’t hurt either!

If you’re groovin’ on the image but are short a million bucks, not to worry. Continue Reading