Our National Painting Week Project: A Kids’ Art Crawl Extravaganza


This year for Sherwin-Williams National Painting Week, we tackled a community-based art project that exceeded all our expectations. We combined our favorite paint colors, our favorite community, and our favorite group of kids to create a Kids’ Art Crawl! We wanted to get kids thinking about the role of art in their community, and make them feel special by putting their artwork up in a real gallery setting. It was sweet and moving, and we can’t wait to tell you all about it.  Continue Reading

“Dream” Masking Tape Mural

Benson has big dreams. One of them was to create a big mural using black masking tape to give some life to a blank wall above his bed. He documented the creation, which started at 12 am and was interrupted by a visit (and an attack) from Kevin at 2 am. At around 3 am, the project was finished. Here it is:

DIY Birch Tree Wall Decals

Michelle wanted to dress up the walls of her baby’s room, but wanted something a bit less permanent than paint for her rental home. Her solution was creating a wall mural using removable contact paper. How did she make the knotty bark look so realistic? With a sponge!    Here’s the entire supplies list:

  • scissors
  • sponge
  • tape measure
  • contact paper, Michelle used off white
  • acrylic paint, including yellow, black, read, orange and lime green

For the entire tutorial, visit this page on Make. Continue Reading

How to Make a CD Jewel Case Mural


Our friends over at Photojojo have just announced the arrival of their new book! That’s right, Photojojo in print! Woo-hoo!! The book is a collection of their best photo projects but all beefed up. To celebrate the book’s birth, they’ve posted a sneak peek of its contents: cd jewel case frames.

What you’ll need to make them:

  • a bunch of photographs printed at 5″ x 7″
  • standard-sized cd jewel cases
  • cardboard
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • double-sided tape, archival optional
  • Velcro tape or some sort of removable adhesive like Glue Dots

To see how the project comes together, head on over to this page on Photojojo. Continue Reading