How to Make a Rattan Jewelry Organizer

It happens every morning.

I pull on my shoes, search around for my keys, and realize I didn't put on my earrings yet. And as surely as I know that the bus is always running late, I know that I can't find the pair of earrings I want to wear.

Is it just me, or is jewelry one of the hardest things to keep organized??

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Make A Statement: DIY Clay Pendant Tassel Necklace

DIY Clay Pendant Tassel Necklace
Photo: Faith Towers Provencher

Every now and then we like to share a necklace tutorial over here at Curbly… and today is one of those days! This is no ordinary necklace tutorial though – this clay pendant tassel necklace is a bold, in-your-face statement piece that will surely garner compliments over and over again. And it’s really quite easy to make! So let’s get started.    



Photo: Faith Towers Provencher


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Make a Stylish Leather Pendant in Under 15 Minutes!

DIY stylish leather pendant in under 15 minutes!

Whenever I'm in need of new jewelry, I always turn to leather. It's one of those wonderful materials that's no mess, no fuss, AND the end result looks a million dollars. Now if that's not a crafter's dream, I don't know what is!          

Details of leather pendant necklace

Since going back to work (after taking a year off for maternity leave), I felt like I could use some new necklaces to wear to the office, so I whipped up these pendants using leather scraps I found in my craft drawers. Continue Reading

Gift: Bottle of Wine with a Handmade Bonus

created on: 07/28/08

Is it only me, or do others feel like a mere hostess gift needs a little something extra to make it personal? I usually try to write a short, funny poem to accompany a gift that may come up a bit short.  Instructables, has a simple, quick tutorial to make a necklace out of your favorite wine cork.  I see it working like this:  You buy two bottles of wine, pop the cork on one for the necklace, have a few glasses while you craft your handmade gift of vino jewelry, and then wrap the unopened bottle with handmade necklace looped attractively around the neck of the bottle.  Continue Reading

(DIYable) Hairpin Necklace by Mana Bernandes.

Brazilian designer Mana Bernandes specializes in making beautiful jewelry from common, inexpensive items, like “Clasp” made from hair (“bobby”) pins. While she doesn't offer a how-to, I bet one could figure out the technique from the photo. It reminds me of those regal neckplates you see on ossuaries and paintings from the Ancient Near East…a handmade version would certainly complement your handmade Pharoah costume nicely.

Other designs include:





Craft Quickie: Bottle Necklaces

Here’s a fun and fast way to dress up bottles.

What you need:

Chain. I found 100 inches of silver chain at my local craft store for about $3.50.

Jump rings. I used the larger, 1/4″ size.

Beads and/or charms.

A small side cutter.

What you do:

Cut a length of chain with the side cutter. The length will depend on the height and girth of your bottle. Just drape the chain around the bottle’s neck to determine the size. Continue Reading