Flowers to Flats: 7 Fun DIY and Crafty Projects Using Newspaper

created at: 02/01/2012

Pages from mangled books and newspapers are transformed into lovely items, thanks to the hands of some very clever crafters. If you think the roses pictured above are charming, check out these Mod-Podged flats made by Kate of See Kate Sew:   
Allison from Crafted Love used Mod Podge too to make this birds-on-a-wire art:
To see the rest of the news print creations, click here.

Make It: Crafty Newspaper Gift Bags

created at: 09/18/2011

September through December are prime gift-giving months for me, so I always have my eyes open for new ways to present the things I spend so much time looking for. I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to the art of giving, and presentation is no place to slack!   

I’m completely intrigued by these newspaper gift bags I saw the other day. Now no, I don’t subscribe to the paper anymore (the internet!) but it would certainly be worth buying one issue. Continue Reading

Sew a Newspaper Dress.

Know how there’s some really great final projects in the how-to blogosphere, but the means by which they getcha there are quite muddled and badly conveyed?DSCF5289.jpg

This newspaper dress from PrixPrix sho ain’t oneofum. With an Instructable as fine as the outcome, this “Old Gray Lady” dress created completely of the New York Times and thread (no tape, glue, or staples) will inspire you with every pleat, fold, and seam. These things can be done, friends, and this is how we do ’em. Continue Reading

How to Make Beads from Newspaper.



The only thing cooler than a wicked craft project is a wicked craft project that recycles. The process is similar to the “papermaking” you did in second grade: Rip up small pieces of newspaper, mix with water to break down the paper fibers, shape and squeeze out the water.

I wonder what would happen if you put these in a rock tumbler?

For full instructions, visit A Storybook Life.


Wrapping Paper and Bow Conservation

Running out of wrapping paper and bows and need more FAST? I saw this on Martha yesterday and put the Curbly spin to it.



What little wrapping paper you have left



Martha’s Wrap

Wrap your present in newsprint. I like the stock quotes as they make a nice, uniform background.

Cut a strip of wrapping paper to circumference the present, fold in edges, wrap around package, tape strip together in back of present. Continue Reading

Fake Paper Pictures: Capitalizing on a Stupid Idea

Beside using newsprint to gauge furniture placement, you can use it to determine layout of pictures/art before you take hammer to nail.


So Easy You Don’t Need a “Need” List

Just measure and cut your newsprint to the size of the pictures/art you want to display. Tape and, better yet, RE-tape them to the wall of your choosing until you have them in the positions desired. And then hammer away. This also works great if you’re using those marvelous 3M Command Hooks. Continue Reading