How to: Make this No-Sew Scalloped Tree Skirt in 20 Minutes

During the holidays, it's a miracle to have time for anything, which means time-saving DIYs are a must. I decided it was time to swap out my dated Christmas tree skirt for something new and stylish, and I love how thick felt holds up underneath my tree. In the spirit of quick DIYs, I decided to make myself an upgrade with this simple no-sew scalloped tree skirt that took less than 20 minutes to make. 

When the sewing machine is buried beneath unwrapped presents, or when I want to make something that seems too complicated to sew myself, I turn to fabric glue. Continue Reading

How to: Add Some Fun Flair to the Holidays with a No-Sew Donut Tree Skirt

DIY Donut Tree Skirt

My love for donuts has infiltrated Christmas this year! My bare Christmas tree was in need of a new skirt, so I went ahead and made a DIY donut tree skirt out of felt, complete with colorful sprinkles. The best part…no sewing needed! 

 Because I don’t consider myself an excellent sewer (sew-er? sewist?), I thought it would be ideal to find a way to make a tree skirt without having to sew it together, making it a quick and easy project for crafters of any experience level. Continue Reading

Simply Clever: DIY No-Sew Pencil/Pen Roll

Photo: Creative Homemaking

In a continuing effort to exercise my drawing capabilities, I recently acquired Christopher Hart’s absolutely delightful Doodletopia Cartoons (Amazon, $19). Following Christopher’s tutorials as I recreate his cheeky characters has become the perfect way to unwind before bedtime–except when one of my drawing pencils goes missing. Then it’s a frustrating game of hide-and-seek with  the sofa cushions, pillows, and throw. I’ve been wanting to create some sort of “keeper” for my pencils but haven’t had the time to make one. Continue Reading

Make It: Easy No-Sew Roman Shades

created at: 07/19/2012
I’m on a quest to find new window treatments that are affordable and stylish and, well, affordable. What we have now are some discolored, plastic “wood” blinds that have ceased to open properly. I love the look of Roman shades, but hate the typical expense associated with having them custom made. So, what’s a girl to do? Make her own! Without sewing a single stitch!    

I know, I hardly believed the “no-sew” part of this at first, either. Continue Reading

6 No-Sew Fabric Display Ideas

created at: 01/03/2012

Who says fabric is only for sewing?  I, a self-proclaimed fabric hoarder, have lots that I don’t see myself cutting into any time soon since I am waiting for the perfect project for it.  In the meantime, that beloved print can still make a statement in my home!  Framing fabric, like the photo above from Cape 27, is a great way to use fabric as art.  How about more easy ideas?   If you have a great, large-scale print that you love, why not stick it to a door?  Continue Reading

Make It: Festive No-Sew Bunting!

created at: 10/17/2011

Add a pop of color and a good dose of cheer to your next celebration with this easy, no-sew bunting!  


Whether you’re throwing a holiday shindig, celebrating a birthday, or just want to jazz up the joint, this bunting garland is for you.  Using simple, inexpensive materials is only the icing on the cake for this DIY project from the creative people at Project Wedding.  So, put your party shoes on and let’s get this thing started! Continue Reading

Make It: An Easy No-Sew Colored Pencil Roll

created at: 10/03/2011

For students, artists, kids, or crafters this simple no-sew pencil holder is the perfect DIY project–or gift!  


Carla from Small + Friendly created this clever and easy crafting project from wool felt.  While her template (which you can download through her site) accommodates 24 pencils, you can make it bigger or smaller depending on your needs.  We love her suggestion of combining the pencil roll with a sketch book for an easy, semi-handmade gift!

Check out the instructions and download the template over on Small + Friendly! Continue Reading

Make It: An Easy DIY Crisscross Ribbon Lampshade!

Images removed at the request of MidwestLiving. Sorry, everyone!

Last week, we showed you how to give a thrift store lamp base a quick and easy update but what if it’s not the base that needs help?  If you have a lamp with a shade that’s seen better days consider treating it to this easy no-sew makeover!  

Woven satin ribbons make for a big-impact lampshade – just choose your favorite colors!  For this DIY makeover, you’ll need:

  • Drum-style fabric lampshade; shown is a 13-inch shade (shade height is 9 inches)
  • Approximately 10 yards 5/8-inch-wide satin ribbon in first color of your choice
  • Approximately 10 yards 5/8-inch-wide satin ribbon in second color of your choice
  • Hot-glue gun
  • Hot-glue sticks
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Straight pins

When you’re ready to rock and roll with all that ribbon, hit up Midwest Living for the full tutorial. Continue Reading

NO SEW: Make a Pillow Form Look Like French Linens

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When planning this little tute, it occurred to me, “Why even bother with a pillow cover, just use the form AS IS”. How can you miss with natural, white, clean, pure, and contrasting trimmed out details? Come on – It’s NO SEW! 

When you tire of it, you can strip off the details and stuff it in a boring old pillow cover.

The first photo is the down-proof ticking  pillow form anchored down on all four corners for more accurate alignement. Continue Reading

Easy No Sew Daybed Bedskirt

created at: 2009/11/08

It may look like this smart, pleated bedskirt (dust ruffle) was custom made for this daybed bedding ensemble, but oh no. This simple, single pleated fabric panel is attached with velcro to the front bedspring rail. It can be removed and replaced easily for lots of under the bed storage. gives you step by step instructions to make a sewn, and a no-sew version of this bedskirt. All you need to get started:

4 yards of fabric

2 1/2 yards of velcro


straight pins

For Sewing: thread

For No-Sew: Heat N Bond Ultrahold for hemming and adhering velcro

You can see exactly what to do right here. Continue Reading