Make It: DIY Stylish Mountain Bookends

Make it: Sweet DIY mountain bookends for your little one's nursery

Now that I have a little one to care for, I’ve come to realize just how wonderful story time can be. Sharing books with Lauren is one of my favorite pastimes… especially the books that I used to read when I was a kid (those are my favorites!). Of course, with a well-stocked bookshelf comes the need for some nice bookends to hold everything in place. So I decided to whip up these pretties for bubba’s room, and they’re so easy to make, I just had to share these DIY mountain bookends with you too!               Continue Reading

DIY This: Planetary Mobile for a Minimal Nursery

Minimal Nursery decor: Make this planetary mobile

As nursery trends change, the traditional pinks and blues are slowly being pushed out in favor of current, updated looks. Parents are experimenting more and more with bolder hues, playful patterns, or simply less of it all. It's easy to see why the minimal nursery look is gaining in popularity. There are fewer elements to worry about, there aren't any color-related gender-indicators (which makes styling ahead of time a breeze), and the color palette is almost non-existent.  Continue Reading

Make This: Simply Striped Baby Blanket

Make This: Crocheted Gender-Neutral Baby Blanket

This project is brought to you by the following joyous news: I'm going to be an aunt! I'm over-the-moon excited, and can't wait to meet my first little niece or nephew. That's right, I said niece OR nephew, and that's because the gender isn't known yet! I'm too excited to wait around to find out whether it's going to be a boy or a girl, and I wanted to get started crocheting a blanket ASAP. I made this gender-neutral baby blanket from a sweet sunflower yellow and cute mint green with alternating white.       Continue Reading

Reveal: Our Baby Boy’s Nursery Makeover is Finished!

When we found out we were having a baby boy, my vision of a neutral nursery of ivories and golds came to a crashing halt as I suddenly wanted the room to feel very boy like- with strong greens and dark blues and unmistakably boyish features. So I changed the natural taupe wallpaper to the hunter green safari, and charged on. 

Photo: Al Daniel

As you saw in our last post, I had quite the “blank canvas” to work with.   Continue Reading

Our Baby Boy’s Nursery Makeover Inspiration

When we moved into our first home about a year and a half ago, I had every intention of making our guest bedroom into a place for, well, guests. I tried to muster up the energy and enthusiasm to make this empty space into a place for people to come and visit us, but alas, no inspiration came and the room remained empty.

Meghan & Al []

And by empty, really what I mean is a place for all of Al's things to go and die. Continue Reading

Nursery Reveal: Small Office Turned Bright Geometric Nursery

Geometric Nursery Reveal
Photo: Sally Mae Photography

There's just an indescribable feeling when projects you've been working on are finally finished. That's exactly how I feel with our nursery. It's absolutely my favorite room I've ever been in. It turned out just like I wanted and I can't wait for you to see! Ya just gotta look. 

But first, you'll remember the before…

geometric nursery reveal
Photo: Lexy Ward

And the inspiration…

geometric nursery reveal
via Ouef


And here it is now! BOOM!

Geometric Nursery Reveal
Photo: Sally Mae Photography

That coat of white just really brightened things up. Continue Reading

Makeover: A Dark and Gloomy Office To Become A Bright Geometric Nursery

About 6 months before our daughter was born, we moved into a new town home. The walls were covered with dark brown, red, and beige paint, but it had serious potential to become a bright and cozy space. It only had windows on the ends, so we wanted to paint every room a bright grey or white to help give off as much natural light as possible. 

We set our sights on the 2nd floor office to become the nursery. Continue Reading

Make It: DIY Geometric Animal Wall Art

DIY Geometric Animal Wall ArtI can’t stand to look at a home with bare walls. While I don’t like a lot of clutter, I do like a room to feel “finished”. The walls just need art. They do. And if you can’t afford to buy, you can always DIY.      


This geometric wall art looks simple enough that a kid (or my husband!) could do it. Main material? Paint chips! Visit The Whimsical Wife for the how-to! 

DIY Geometric Animal Wall Art by [The Whimsical Wife]

Before and After: A Cute and Cozy Nursery Makeover

After getting the keys to their new place in November, Holly and her husband got to work preparing the 110-year-old home for a very special new addition: a baby boy!       

Holly, from the amazing blog Decor8, is due any day now but not before finishing up this completely adorable and oh-so-cozy nursery makeover. Don’t you just want to hang out in there? It’s such a cheery space!

Get all the details about this makeover, including tons of pin-worthy photos and a full source list, over on Decor8. Continue Reading

10 Absolutely Amazing Nursery Makeovers

In preparation for our baby this fall, I’m searching the web high and low for nursery inspiration. Here are ten nursery makeovers that have got me itching to nest!       


1. Spotted in a roundup by one of our writers, this gender neutral nursery sprouted from an unused room! We’re especially loving the wall art!

2. This amazing and bright nursery is a completely different room than before. Your jaw will drop! See more photos on Bunches of Joy. Continue Reading