Amazing Fall Decor Ideas for Every Style, Budget, and Room

A cozy fall scene with a plaid blanket, hot chocolate, and fall leaves on a wood tray

It may or may not feel like it yet where you live, but I'm sure you don't need to be told that summer is nearing its last days. After a long, hot season, many of us are ready for cooler weather, colorful leaves, hay mazes, and apple picking. It can be fun to bring some of that fall flair into your home decor, too. So whether you want just a touch of fall decor, or want to kick summer to the curb and go all in with your fall decorations, we have tons of ideas for ways to turn your home into a celebration of autumn.           Continue Reading

Vampire Cookies and Cupcakes.

vampire cupcake

The shelves are piled high with plastic pumpkins, and it’s time to start baking. Wanna try something other than witch cutouts and sugar-sprinkled jack-o-lanterns?

Then get spooky with vampire sweetstuffs from Baking Bites. Two years ago, Nicole created these vampire bite cupcakes with fangmarks oozing cherry pie filling.

And then last year, Nicole translated the technique to created these punctured, jam-filled sugar cookies.

Vampire Cookies, bitten

DIY PhotoPumpkin Carving Techniques.

I remember the first halloween that ‘art’ pumpkin carving books became widely available…everyone in my neighborhood carved the same three patterns…witch-on-a-broom profile, three ghosts with boo, or cutesy scarecrow face. So, while they weren’t the old triangle-eyes and toothy smiles of yesteryear, the variety was as hollow as the pumpkins themselves.

Certainly, modern books have improved on the patterns, but sometimes, you just need a customized piece…sometimes a really customized piece, like the face of your sworn enemy that you’ll carve into a pumpkin and then stab it with a knife, set it on fire, and then leave it on his doorstep. Continue Reading

Mad Scientist Mixology: Halloween Cocktail Recipes.

A giant bowl of wispy punch is certainly festive, but a true ghost-host offers their guest customized cocktails that suit their own tastes. Here’s a few ideas to get your fall festivities popping.

Garnishes: ANY mixed drink can get a scary-fun makeover with a frightful garnish. Simply mix up drinks per usual, but sink one of the following into your highball or martini glass:

  • Plastic spider rings
  • Gummy worms
  • Novelty eyeballs
  • A few drops of black and red food coloring
  • Candy corn
  • Plastic skulls or bones

Black Screwdriver

1 1/2 ounces Blavod Black Vodka, chilled
3 ounces Tangerine juice, pulp-free and chilled
Halloween candy (garnish)






1 oz Hennessy VSOP Cognac
1 1/2 oz orange juice
1/2 oz ginger ale
1/2 oz Grand Marnier
orange wheel and lime twist for garnish

Black Martini

3 1/2 oz gin or vodka
1/2 oz blackberry brandy or black raspberry liqueur
orange twist or black olive for garnish


Bayou Slime

2 parts Cruzan Dark Rum
6-8 fresh mint leaves
1/2 part Fee Brothers Spiced Cordial Syrup
1 egg white


Jack-O-Lantern, ver. Continue Reading

DIY Halloween: Build Your Own Haunted Mirror.

Okay, so maybe the example ‘ghosts’ aren’t terribly spooky, but this two-way haunted mirror is a mighty fine idea, and looks like a blast to build. it works like this: “The mirror is really a box with a two-way mirror on the front. Inside the
box are models or other renderings of ghosts. Since the inside of the box is
black, the two-way mirror reflects the room normally, but when tiny lights
hidden inside the box are illuminated, they wash out the reflection and reveal
the hidden ghosts.” Continue Reading

Candy Corn Challenge Winner = Candy Corn Flowers!

Congratulations to smbriones, whose Candy Corn Flower Arrangement has been chosen as October's Curbly Challenge winner. Stephanie's project was classified as 'classy', 'useful', 'unique', 'elegant', 'creative', and 'tasteful.'

Best of all, she included how-to directions, so grab some candy corn, skewers, floral tape, and ye' old hot glue gun, and make your own!

Good work, Stephanie!