Make This!: Customized Vinyl Wall Decal

DIY This!: Vinyl wall decal

For some reason or another I’m obsessed with contact paper. Maybe it’s because it’s an easy way to transform objects, walls, anything really. It might be because shelf liner is cheap, or maybe it’s the renter in me that loves how temporary it is. Whatever the case, it’s a fact that I love vinyl. And it’s a fact that I love to DIY, which is how this customized vinyl wall decal came to be.        


There are lots of resources online and in stores where you can buy vinyl wall decals, but for the picky people out there (ahem, me) who like a challenge, it’s easy to make your own. Continue Reading

Tried And Tested: Do These 10 Pinterest Organization Hacks Actually Work?

10 Pinterest Organizational Hacks Tried And Tested
Faith Towers Provencher

Pinterest is filled with organizing hacks, promising to help you achieve your wildest organizational dreams. But just how good are they? I set out to test 10 of them, and today I'm sharing the results with you. Click through to compare their versions with mine, and to read my thoughts on the functionality of each one.   



10 Pinterest Organizational Hacks Tried And Tested
A Bowl Full of Lemons
10 Pinterest Organizational Hacks Tried And Tested
Faith Towers Provencher

1. This hack worked quite well. I'm always struggling to find my rubber gloves in the deep dark depths of the cabinet, so I love that they are now easily procured.  Continue Reading

19 Gorgeous Free Printable Calendars For 2019

19 Gorgeous Free Printable Calendar ideas
Source: A Piece of Rainbow

It's hard to believe, but it's already new year… which means that it's time for new calendars! There are tons of gorgeous, free printable calendar downloads available online, so we've rounded up our favorites in a variety of different styles. Click through to check them out and download your favorite.     

Free Printable Calendar Options for 2019

Free printable calendars 2019
Source: Little Street

1. This first calendar has a range of different colorful backgrounds, and a lovely script text. Continue Reading

How to Throw an Office Holiday Party Your Co-Workers Will Be Talking About into the New Year

office holiday party
Photo: RawPixel/Shutterstock

Are you in charge of throwing the office Christmas party? What a great opportunity!  After all, if it goes well, you can expect plenty of appreciation and accolades. Make sure you don’t skimp on the planning, though. If the event is boring and awkward, the party will be remembered for all the wrong reasons. Looking for work Christmas party ideas? Read on for tips and ideas sure to make your office party fun, delicious, and full of holiday spirit.      Continue Reading

Make It: Minimal Wood Desk Organizer

This wood desk organizer is modern, minimal, and surprisingly easy to make (even if your woodworking game is totally weak). Read on for step-by-step instructions on making your own, and getting your desktop all tidied up!

wood desk organizer DIY - minimal and modern

On any given day, if you visit our house you'll find envelopes and papers strewn all over the place because we're not yet ready to file them away. Okay, I'll admit, sometimes we're just being lazy, but for the most part they serve as a reminder to action something important like paying a bill or scheduling in an appointment.  Continue Reading

How to: Turn a Baking Rack Into a Modern Grid Organizer

How-to: Turn a Cooling Rack Into a Grid Organizer

After the hustle and bustle of the season, I find myself going into this weird funk. Our home felt like it was going to burst at the seams with all the stuff we had accumulated. The last couple weeks I've been on major purge mode to help get things feeling peaceful once more. Plus it doesn't hurt to be more organized!  This simple project is all about making life easier when it comes to rearranging the home. Continue Reading

Get Organized: DIY Hacks to Curb Office Clutter

DIY hacks to curb office clutter

The festive season is usually a busy one, and if you’re anything like me, this leads to a serious build-up of mess around by the end of December. Which isn’t great when you’re trying to get back to work in the new year. All those bits and pieces left lying around can clutter up your head space as well as your office space, affecting your productivity!        

DIY hacks to curb office clutter

The good news is that it’s really easy to organize your desk and get the year off to a fresh start with a few quick and simple office hacks that won’t break the bank. Continue Reading

DIY Hand-Printed Fabric Memo Board

DIY Hand Printed Fabric Memo Board
Photo: Faith Towers Provencher

Does your home office or cubicle need some character? Spice it up with this easy hand-printed fabric memo board that you can easily make yourself with a piece of white material and some fabric paint. Click through to check out the easy tutorial.   

 For this project, you'll create a piece of hand-printed fabric that you will then attach to an existing memo board. It's a great way to customize a boring piece, giving it lots of personality. Continue Reading

DIY Clear Pocket Wall Organizer

DIY Clear Pocket Wall Organizer
Photo: Faith Towers Provencher

Everyone I know is on an organizing kick, myself included, now that the new year has rolled around. And one of the places that I have the hardest time keeping clean is my home office and craft space. So I thought it would be fun to create a wall-mounted organizer for my office supplies and share it with you guys. Keep reading to check it out.   


DIY Clear Pocket Wall Organizer
Photo: Faith Towers Provencher

The clear vinyl pockets make it easy to see what's inside, and the colored pushpins add some serious character. Continue Reading

7 Cheap and Easy Home Office Improvements

Working from home can be a curse and a blessing. The curse part is that you're at home and home things are always beckoning you away from work, and vice versa. One sure thing is that if you have a room to call your own, you need to make it an attractive and efficient space where you want to spend time. And if you've just blown the budget on a new furnace, don't worry, these tricks cost practically nothing. Continue Reading