25 Alternative Olive Oil Uses

There are many olive oil uses beyond what you might normally think of (cooking!). It's an incredibly versatile substance that you can put to good use in a lot of interesting situations. Here's how … 

olive oil uses

Nutritionists will continue to tout olive oil for its high content of healthful, monounsaturated fats, like oleic acid, and polyphenols. The fruit oil practically propelled the entire Western world in antiquity, and is mentioned in nearly every sacred text this side of the Tigris and Euphrates.    Continue Reading

Make an Oil Burning Light Bulb Lamp

Bumpus at instructables set out to do a DIY version of a fancy designer–aka ridiculously expensive–light bulb lamp. Using seemingly odds and ends that included ‘a clean light bulb, a shoe lace, a metal bottle cap, a rather large washer/spacer, [and] two little magnets’ he accomplished this feat admirably. Delicate, yes. Leave it unattended, never. Clever, absolutely. Via.

The $650 for a set of two fancy designer model.

Make your own SUPER lubricant!

First, it’s not that kind of lubricant. It’s the kind you use on things like squeaky hinges, drill bits and fire arms. This recipe comes from my friend Don, who has christened it as ‘the best [oil] you will ever use’, and if Don says it’s so, it’s so. Believe me. What makes it special is that unlike most lubricants it isn’t too thick or too thin. Simply put, it works and it lasts. The recipe is an adaptation of the Marine Corps Armorers’; it makes 3 quarts, which, if it seems like a lot, you can always share! Continue Reading

Thirteen Remarkable Uses for No-Stick Cooking Spray.

No-stick cooking spray reduces calories, sticking, and scrubbing. Apparently, it can also ease at least thirteen other areas of your life.

  1. Reduce grime and bulidup on your vehicle wheels
  2. Brighten and shine your automobiles grill, and prevent bugs from sticking
  3. Lubricate your keys to open a stuck lock
  4. Prevent your mailbox from freezing
  5. Stop wax from sticking to candlesticks
  6. Remove soap scum
  7. Spray a putty knife before scraping to ease clean up
  8. Stop a squeeky door hinge
  9. Lube a problematic bike chain
  10. Speed up drying of nail polish with a quick spray
  11. Keep grass from sticking to lawnmower blades
  12. Prevent sticking when shoveling and blowing snow
  13. Ease cleanup on your box grater when shredding cheese

Rethinking Stencils with Anna Wulick

If when you hear the word ‘stencil’, you think of graphic wall designs, you may want to take a look at the artwork of Anna Wulick. Selling on her Etsy shop as forty-two roads, Anna creates stencils rendered from photographs. She then uses the stencils to create portraits in oil or in mixed media collages. Recently, I posed a few questions to Anna so we might all get to know her and her work a little better. Continue Reading

How To Remove Oil Stains from Clothing and Fabric.

Somehow, in the gravy making marathon of Thanksgiving 2007, I got splattered with a bit of olive oil. I feared not, however, for I knew there were good tidings of a great DIY solution.

1.Simply lay out your clothing on a flat surface where it won't be disturbed.


2.Liberally sprinkle baby powder onto the spot. 


3. Allow it to sit for 24 hours. Shake clean, or use masking tape to remove the powder. If the stain is still present, simply repeat the process until it goes away. Continue Reading