Try This: Mulling Spice Simmer Pot Recipe

How to make your home instantly smell like autumn with this fall simmer pot recipe

We're getting to that time of year where two different things are happening: parties are picking up, and the cold weather is forcing us to spend more time indoors. So… basically the perfect combination for some cozy aromatherapy! The fall season has so many distinct smells associated with it – like crisp winds, earthy leaves, fresh rain – and one of the most recognizable scent combinations is that of mulling spices. Whether you have a dinner party coming up, or simply want to flood your home with the scents of the season, this quick fall simmer pot is sure to do the trick.          Continue Reading

Eye Candy: 10 Gorgeous, Warm Fall-Inspired Living Rooms

Eye Candy: 10 Gorgeous Fall-Inspired Warm Living Rooms

Fall is definitely upon us here in Boston; every other tree is a beautiful shade of red, orange or gold. And the colors feel so warm and inviting, that they inspired me to find some interiors with those same colors. So here are ten gorgeous, inviting warm living rooms that you’ll want to recreate in your own home.   


Eye Candy: 10 Gorgeous Fall-Inspired Warm Living Rooms

1. This cozy living room has a variety of yellows, pinks and reds which feel warm and inviting when combined together. Continue Reading

Tips For Decorating With Autumn Colors In Your Home

decorate for fallI’m one of those people that just can’t wait to break out the Halloween decorations. It’s one of my favorite holidays, so orange and black come out the minute the leaves change! Now, if you’re not into that kind of autumn decor, that’s just fine! There are plenty of ways to bring fall colors into your home in unique and fun ways!      


decorate for fall

Switch out your pillows! Time to bring in the cozy fabrics and plush poufs. Continue Reading

Pantone’s 2012 Color of the Year is…..

created at: 12/20/2011

Vibrant and juicy, this cheerful orange, might be the perfect antidote for the blues–the brain kind AND the decor kind. It was picked for its ‘element of encouragement,’ something we could all use as we start the new year. 

created at: 12/20/2011

Our friends at Overstock, sent along these collections featuring Pantone’s pick, all of which are available at Overstock as of the writing of this post. 

created at: 12/20/2011 

What do you think? Did Pantone hit the mark with Tangerine Tango? Continue Reading

5 Oh-So-Orange Bathrooms

Are you chrysophobic? If so, you may want to turn away because this post will give you a case of the yips something fierce. What IS chrysophobia? Take a look at these pictures and take a guess. 


Orange has never been so minimal as it is in this bathroom.

created at: 05/19/2011

The the tile choice in this example helps bridge a gap between modern and traditional. 


An addition of flowers, fish and pencils makes this a darling children’s bathroom. Continue Reading

$500 Bathroom MakeUNDER

When my boo and I were shopping for our first house, there was a room in one property we looked at that reminds me of the one pictured above, but it wasn’t a bathroom. It was the dining room. And instead of just foil on the walls, it had mirrored tiles too. Oy. I’m sure, like that dining room, this bathroom was the cat’s meow when the owner first decided on orange. However, I prefer it after Fly Through Our Window got a hold of it, spending only 500 bucks on the makeover.
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Very Orange Rooms


Do you love orange but are intimidated by it? If so, you’re not alone. Although orange is an exhilarating color, it’s also intense! 2Modern gives us some ideas on how to tame orange while retaining all its lusciousness. Their suggestion is adding another color to orange by tinting, shading or muting it. To see what they mean–and to view more pictures–visit this page. 


Keep Your ‘Fridge Fresh with Salt-Packed Citrus Peels.

Um…the fridge funk. Everyone gets it, no one wants it, and that box of baking soda your grandma (and I) told you to keep in there doesn’t always kill it entirely.

As a fresh alternative, Paulina sent in this idea to TipNut: simply cut the fruit out of an orange (lemon, lime, tangelo, what have you) and fill the rind with salt. “The salt absorbs stale and nasty odors while the [orange peel’ releases a
fresh, orange smell.” Continue Reading

Craft a Lamp from Traffic Cones.

“If you’re looking for a cheap mood lighting— and you really love orange— then you’re only a few traffic cones away from all the modernist day-glo orange ambiance you can handle.” With just a few zip ties, six mini plastic cones, and a $2.00 Ikea lamp kit, Henrique from Let’s Evo built this atomic lamp. The process was so simple, that his included how-to doesn’t even need words….it’s just a few easy photos.

I wonder if they make these cones in any other color. Continue Reading