How to Make a Faux Fur Pouf for Under $40!

Faux fur pouf DIY

I have a secret infatuation with faux fur. I'm the gal who raids the remnant bin at the fabric store for any and all furry fabrics. What I'm saving them for, I don't know. They're just so fun! The faux fur pouf is trending, but some of the nicer onces available to purchase are over $100. With back-to-school season upon us again, I wanted to find a way to make one of these fun and furry ottomans on the cheap. Continue Reading

14 Must-Have Poufs for your Boho Home

It’s good to see that boho is back in a BIG way! Although I can’t really classify my own home decor style very well, I do like to incorporate bohemian style decor in my home, especially the colorful patterned pieces. Achieving a boho look in your home doesn’t have to break your budget either! I’ve rounded up 14 must-have poufs to make your home look like bohemian paradise, and they cover a range of prices so that you can find something that fits both your style AND your budget.       Continue Reading

Salvage an Old Leather Ottoman with Leather Dye

DIY Staining Old Leather Pouf Ottoman

My home is practically filled with ottomans and poufs. I used them as side tables, foot rests, extra seating and so much more. They're also very kid friendly, cozy, and comfortable. So when I found an old white leather ottoman at an estate sale, I decided to see if I could change it up using leather dye. Read on to see how how it turned out.  

Dyeing leather is an often-overlooked method for bringing old leather pieces, like poufs, sofas, and even leather jackets, back to life. Continue Reading

Make It: Simple Do-It-Yourself Ottoman

DIY Ottoman
photo: Atilio

There will always be the option to buy everything for your home. Including a cute pouf to rest your feet and place your books on! Why buy when you can DIY? This one is chic and could be a good fit in almost any home! The tutorial has been sized down to see how to make it, but you gotta see the original end product!    



diy pouf
photo: Atilio

Broken down into a smaller tutorial, check out the how-to over on Atilio! Continue Reading

10 Ottomans, Poufs, & Coffee Tables for $60 or Less

10 Ottomans & Coffee Tables For $60 or Less

Accent furniture is important in making a room feel complete. But it can break the bank when finding the right pieces! Here are 10 ottomans, poufs, and coffee tables that are good-looking and budget-friendly at $60 or under!       


1. Low White Coffee Table 2. Pink Cube Ottoman 3. OC Cabana Ottoman 4. Chooty & Co. Zippered Beads Bar Stool 5. Moroccan Leather Ottoman 6.  IKEA PS 2012 Coffee Table

10 Ottomans & Coffee Tables For $60 or Less

7.  IKEA Vittsjo Coffee Table 8. Comfort Research Pouf Ottoman 

10 Ottomans & Coffee Tables For $60 or Less

9.  Continue Reading

Make It: Easy DIY Stool/Ottoman from Scratch


Whether you use ’em to put your feet up or as impromptu extra seating, I think we can all agree that stools and ottomans always come in handy! They’re especially nice when they don’t take up much space and can be tucked away when they’re not needed. If this sounds like something you could use, check out this easy tutorial for making your own folded stool!      


Armed with some basic tools and a yard of upholstery fabric, Nicole from Wildlandia created this simple ottoman that would be perfect for small spaces or even picnics and camping! Continue Reading

Make It: An Old Coffee Table Becomes A Trendy Tufted Ottoman

Coffee table becomes tufted ottoman

Sometimes those really ugly pieces of furniture CAN serve a purpose! This old coffee table got a trendy makeover and is now a gorgeous piece that the owners can display proudly!      


coffee table becomes ottoman

Don’t you love it when you can re-purpose something? I’d love to get my hands on an old coffee table like this one so I could turn it into something amazing! Visit Homemade Ginger to see pictures of the full transformation!

Coffee Table Into Tufted Ottoman via [Homemade Ginger]

Before and After: An Extreme Ottoman Makeover

This makeover gets the “extreme” label because, well, you’ll see:        

WHAM. Totally unrecognizable as the same piece of furniture, right? Joy from Beautiful Protest picked up the original ottoman at her local thrift store for about six bucks: it was lumpy and dirty and not really a color she liked, but a steal’s a steal so she held onto it for future reupholstery efforts. After some creative hacking, reupholstery, and the addition of some thrifted mid-century style wooden legs, we have the beautiful ottoman you see here. Continue Reading

How To: Turn an Old Tire into a Stylish, Nautical-Inspired Ottoman

As it turns out, with the right materials and some creativity, you can transform just about anything into a functional and stylish piece of furniture — even old tires!      

This project comes from Brazilian decor site Minha Casa. All you need to create your own outdoor, natural-rope ottoman is the following:

  • tire
  • 6mm MDF
  • screws
  • drill or screwdriver
  • hot glue gun and glue
  • sisal rope
  • sealer and paint brush

Once you’ve gathered your supplies, check out the full tutorial on Minha Casa! Continue Reading