100 Affordable Home Decor Pieces for Under $100

100 affordable furniture and home decor pieces - each for under $100
Source: Target

When it comes to making design changes in your home, you don't want to spend more money than you need to – especially on the accent pieces. The cost of details add up fast if you aren't being mindful of the price tag. However, affordable furniture and home decor is out there – if you know where to look. We've rounded up 100 of our favorite affordable furniture and home decor items, each coming in under $100 each. Continue Reading

Roundup: Five Fabulous Ottoman Tutorials!

created at: 08/02/2011

Ottomans. Footstools. Whatever you call them, I call these tutorials to make them fabulous. The first one, pictured above, comes from Kara who used an old coffee table to make hers. Follow this jump to YHL for the entire tutorial.

Next we have Diane’s no-sew round ottoman, which she made from the ground up. Amazing! Here’s part 1 of the tutorial, and here’s part 2


For a quick project, Casa Sugar points us to this ottoman which was made out of 2 sofa cushions simply stacked on a slab of wood with a couple casters attached. Continue Reading

Weekend Project: Slipcover a Thrifted Cube

Not that long ago I was asked to create some cube bean bags. After figuring and re-figuring, I came up with the pattern, added a zipper and filled it with those little styrofoam beads. BIG pain in the you know what. Why go to the trouble when you can find oodles of cheapy cube ottomans at the secondhand store?  Since the cheapest of the cheaps are covered in hideously benign microfiber, find a yard or two of fun fabric and stitch your own custom cube slipcover. Continue Reading

Ottoman Umpire

created at: 2009-10-15

It should come as no suprise that this blogger loves to design ottomans. Shapes, designs, colors, legs, frames, etc., they can really snazz up a room. Every room needs a splash of upholstered art, and ottomans can do that on so many levels. You’ve got fabric, pattern, color, texture, leg shape, stain or paint and the basic ottoman design. That’s a clean homerun in the design department.  

This is one of my favorite designs, the legs are a little too heavy, but the dressmaker details in the green silk shantung upholstery are wunderbar!  Continue Reading

Simple Upholstery You Can Do

created at: 2009-08-05

Photo Images: Velvet & Linen

The path to fabulous sites is not usually a deliberate one. Sometimes you just happen to fall into a blog that you didn’t dream existed. First, I tripped on Cococozy, a new favorite, and this gorgeous  oval turquoise tufted ottoman. Then, I was stopped dead in my tracks when I started readingthe blog Velvet & Linen by LA designer Brooke Gianetti. (They had me at “Velvet & Linen”.) Continue Reading

How To: Four Lives of a Modern Side Table

created at: 2009-04-22

Good thrifting advice is to go ahead and buy a piece if it stands out from the ordinary. What stood out about this table? The legs. Modern, sleek, solid wood and sturdy. The supports are also solid and can be used again, I’m sure. The table tops are a composite wood covered with formica and  a plastic band around the edges. See three more very different looks you can get with this $6.99 Goodwill table.

created at: 2009-04-22

created at: 2009-04-22

Used as a prop for a tech trade show, the white surfaces looked good but were not holding up. Continue Reading

Nailhead Upholstery Jewelry

created on: 09/13/08

An article in our local newspaper announced that nailhead trim is a fall classic.  It identified various pieces of furniture by Crate and Barrel, Willams Sonoma and West Elm that will shine metallic come fall.  Wing chairs, velvet chairs and headboards are the obvoius pieces. 

You may be excited to learn that nailhead choices have expanded and include choices in colors, shapes textures, and sizes.

 created on: 09/13/08

This is just one of about four boards of nailheads to choose from. Continue Reading