62 DIY Projects To Transform Your Backyard

The ultimate roundup of outdoor DIY projects to transform your yard space

Blooming flowers and fresh rain can only mean one thing: spring has definitely sprung! That means summer will be here before you know it. If getting your backyard in order is on your to-do list but you're having trouble getting started – don't fret! You don't need a total landscaping overhaul for your yard to feel refreshed and inviting. Sometimes it's just a matter of hanging up some string lights or creating a simple fire pit.  Continue Reading

Thinking of a DIY Wood Pallet Bed? Why We SHOULD NOT Be Using Pallets in Our Interiors

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Okay, here's the deal, I came across a blogger rant a few months back about why we should absolutely NOT be using rescued pallets in our interiors for things like a DIY wood pallet bed or flooring. The arguments are compelling indeed and have made me re-think all those 'pallet projects' I've promoted over the years. 

Consider the history of recycled wood pallets

  • They are “exposed to water, all manner of vermin and insects” and bird droppings.
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Incredible Pallet Projects – DIY Pallet Bookshelf, Bike Rack and More

Pallet projects are an entire internet subculture of their own. We've been covering pallet projects on Curbly for more than ten years, but this incredibly versatile and affordable DIY technique never gets old. Here are some of our all time favorites. 

Wood pallet projects - bookshelf and bike rack

Not only do these pallets have a new life, but they ADD life to this living space. The orange 'frame' is a perfect touch too. The installation on the left has an artistic quality about it as well, no?  Continue Reading

Make It: Colorful Pallet Coat Rack

created at: 04/09/2012

The 'to use or not to use indoors' pallet discussion may continue to rage on, but that doesn't me we're still not keeping our eyes peeled for cool DIY projects using them. In this case, the pallet seen above was sanded and then painted. (Personally, I like the idea of painting or varnishing pallets for indoor use as a means to seal them.) A bunch of hooks and knobs were then attached, creating a delightful–and colorful–coat rack.  Continue Reading

DIY Pallet Sofa

created at: 09/13/2011

A couple of pallets stacked on top of each other, some throws, a bunch of pillows and cushions and Nina had herself a pretty sofa. Perfect for a porch (sleeping or otherwise), or, in Nina's case, her balcony.

Nina is not new to the pallet game. Check out the headboard in her bedroom:

To see more pictures of Nina's place, head on over to Styizimo.

Adirondack Chair Made of Pallets



Nina Tolstrup of Studiomama makes furniture out of wood pallets, which she sells. She also sells plans to make some of the furniture as well. The up and downside for Ms. Tolstrup is that her for-sale plans are simple, which also means they're knock-off-able using just the pictures of the completed projects. Take, for example, this lounge chair. It could be an inexpensive alternative to a traditional Adirondack lawn chair. To help create your schematic, you might want to consider this evil-genius method of using Photoshop. Continue Reading

12 Cool Things to do with Wooden Pallets

Wooden pallets can be seen stacked up outside of almost every commercial building in America and according to Life Hackery, 150 million of them will eventually end up in a landfill somewhere. Although oftentimes the wood pallets are made of isn’t great, sometimes it is. MWT’s place of business uses pallets made of oak, and according to a poster at Life Hackery, tile shops oftentimes receive their overseas shipments on pallets made of exotic hardwoods. Many businesses do recycle their pallets, but many are happy to give them away as well. Continue Reading