IKEA Hack: Transform a Basic Cabinet into a Gorgeous Nightstand with a Geometric Design

Norse Interiors IKEA custom fittings
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Everybody loves IKEA, right? The simplicity of the designs, plus the sense of accomplishment from putting furniture together yourself… this combo makes IKEA a standard go-to when shopping for the home. There are lots of ways to hack IKEA furniture – however, would you like to customize these basic designs to set you apart from the thousands of other people that have the same piece? Turns out, it’s a pretty easy transformation to make. Continue Reading

A Shiplap Accent Wall Totally Transformed This Ugly Basement Room

Sponsored by The Home Depot

Hey everyone! If you were following along closely with the Curbly House makeover, you might have noticed a room missing from last week's full reveal: the basement! This room was pretty grody (is that a word?) when we bought the house, so when The Home Depot asked us to do a room makeover using their shiplap appearance board product, we knew it would have a big impact in the space. But even we weren't prepared for how much better the room turned out. Continue Reading

Before & After: A Post-Baby Master Bedroom Makeover

created at: 05/17/2012

Unfortunate wallpaper trim, awkwardly-sized curtains, and a crib the size of Texas: I think it’s safe to say this master bedroom needs some serious help!   

created at: 05/17/2012

Fast forward ten months and a few brilliant DIY additions later, and Jennifer Flores from Rambling Renovators has a totally stylish master bedroom. I love the paneling she made from MDF, especially. See more of this space right here!

The Motherlode of Master Bedroom Makeover Projects

Just you wait and see.

Wow. Talk about a bedroom makeover! Eddie Ross let homeowners Jill and Craig Logan take care of the walls and floor while he jumped in to help them choose some unassuming  second hand pieces that needed help. With his usual magic, the thrift store finds are what really bring the pizazz to this master bedroom makeover. You have to see them to believe them. 

1. Hideous nesting tables

2. Upside down side table

3. Continue Reading

Painted Paneling is a Budget Friendly Room Changer

created at: 03/22/2010


We’ve had our share of wood paneling (good and bad) to deal with in the past. It can pose a huge  design problem to many people. If you’ve ever seen wood paneling redone right, it adds an interesting textural surface to the walls of a  room. For the mere cost of high gloss white marine paint and an ebony stain for the floor, the room takes on an entirely different look and feel. created at: 03/22/2010

The shutters were removed, stucco added above the paneling and the same white marine paint covers the chairs. Continue Reading

Get the Look of Wainscoting for Less

created at: 2009-05-18

Photo Images: THR & Sons

When we built a home years ago my brother suggested some cost cutting carpentry illusions that gave us the look of custom raised wainscoting panels in the dining room and up the stairway. It’s fairly commonplace now but at the time, it was a clever construction cost cutting idea.

created at: 2009-05-18

Wainscoting was originally used to camouflage what was known as rising damp, a wicking effect on interior walls. Even though the causes of rising damp have long been solved, the use of wainscoting continues for its style and visual interest. Continue Reading

DIY: Not Knotty Pine Anymore

created on: 09/03/08

Here’s a sneak peak of the Knotty Pine re-do.  Cleanup and reorganization is so tedious until you get immersed in feeling all smug and self-righteous with your tidiness and order.  There was much to be learned from this DIY undertaking.  Complete planning instead of impulsive diving in was the best move I made.  Perseverence using new equipment (the spray painter) was well worth it in time saved.  Not quite perfectionism, but pretty darn close to it, helped me feel really proud of the job I did and that unbeatable feeling of accomplishment.  Continue Reading

How-to: Plotting the Knotty Pine Demise

created on: 08/31/08

I did it! A brain dump of everything necessary to complete this project in the most efficient and successful manner gave way to a tidy little To Do list.  This morning I did my research on paint sprayer rental vs. paint sprayer purchase and the decision to purchase won.  The promise of a $50.00 rebate on a $199.00 sprayer enticed me to buy instead of borrow.  I may bemoan this decision, but I knew I would have to rent a sprayer for at least two days @ $66.00 Continue Reading

How To: Wake Up from a Knotty Pine Nightmare

created on: 08/29/08

Help!!!! My sewing studio (basement) is a knotty pine nightmare.  The room where I teach sewing is large, low ceilings and KNOTTY PINE everywhere.  In two weeks the ladies will return to make their children’s custom Halloween costumes.  They prefer sewing in my studio, don’t ask me why, but it’s got to get better than this for me to get excited about it.  I reviewed online comments this morning about painting the paneling and, from what I read, I may end up shoveling coal in Hell if I paint it.  Continue Reading