Make It: Painted Patterned Pumpkins!

created at: 10/24/2011

These pretty painted patterned pumpkins (say that ten times fast!) are inspired by bold textiles like Suzani fabrics, Missoni, and traditional Indonesian Ikat.  While the source material may be classic, these pumpkins are anything but!  


Alisa Burke created these gorgeous painted pumpkins as a long-lasting and eye-catching alternative to traditional carved pumpkins.  While each pattern is unique enough to hold its own, I love the way they look all grouped together!  (Although, if I had to pick, the Ikat one is my fave–what’s yours?)   Continue Reading

Design Your Own Own Upholstery Fabric

created at: 03/16/2010

Photo Images: Spoonflower

If you’re like me, and I’ve only heard of one other person who does this, you’ve imagined a fabric design in your head and you go out and try to track it down. Impossible, as well as a huge time waster. However, if you have some graphic art designing ability,  you can design, create and even sell your very own fabrics on etsy, or design and make your own curtains, bedding and even upholster with it. Continue Reading

A Vogue Dress, via Ikea.

ikea-dress.jpgThey’re sturdy, bold, and always under $10.00. And though intended for upholstery, Ikea fabrics can be entirely wearable.

From CraftyCrafty:

“I’m always impressed by DIY-ers who choose less obvious fabrics to make up their patterns (remember the shower curtain dress?) so I was instantly drawn to this delightful dress that Chic Steals made up from a Vogue pattern using Ikea’s Patricia fabric. Ikea’s a good place to find bold, clean and eyecatching fabrics, which work just fine in dressmaking, even when they’re intended for upholstery. Continue Reading

How To: Gift Card Boxes.

Gift cards have become MORE than acceptable presents for friends and family during the holidays. At their best, they say, “I know what you’re into, and I want to be sure that you get exactly what you love the most.”

So, add a little handmade touch with this free gift card box pattern from Heather Bailey. With a single sheet of cardstock, you can customize your gift and keep its recipients guessing as it sits under the tree. Continue Reading

Creating Patterned Fabric with Buttons

created on: 07/31/08

I’ve been in the process of redecorating our bedroom for the past 4 months or so. Why is it taking so long? I sort of boxed myself in a corner with color. The new carpeting we had installed is a sesame. The walls we painted in a light caramel. We decided to add an Ektorp Tullsta chair with the white slipcover to the room, which provoked me to buy a white quilt for the bed. Caramel and white are not colors you find together at the fabric store. Continue Reading