150+ Do-It-Yourself Ornaments You Can Make Before Christmas

A mega roundup of DIY ornaments for your Christmas tree, whatever the theme may be!

Can you believe it? Christmas is coming up quick! The holiday season always seems to whizz right by, doesn't it? If you're feeling like you've missed out on the festivities, don't fret – there's still enough time to make some last-minute baubles and bits. We've rounded up a few (well, not a few – over 150!) of our favorite DIY Christmas ornaments that you can definitely get finished this weekend, and enjoy for Christmases yet to come.        Continue Reading

Two Crocheted Rose Pillow Patterns

Crocheted Rosette Pillow 014

You know those rose pillows that are hugely popular these days? The look really was made for re-creation in crochet as evidenced by these two lovely patterns. The first one (pictured above) comes to us from Two Girls Being Crafty. Their inspiration was a pillow they spied at Pier 1. I particularly like the addition of the gigantic button. 

The next one from Red Heart is a bit more refined, and, although it’s not quite as ruffly, it’s still every bit as rosy. Continue Reading

Roundup: Must-See Mod Color Palettes and Geometric Shapes

created at: 04/13/2011

So a Chevron rug walks into a bar. He is at once taken by the beauty of Miss Modern Color Palette, who, with her deep navy blues and soothing slate grays, is simply oozing contemporary charm.

Things are really heating up, and before long, a little of that sultry modern lipstick had rubbed off on Chevron’s collar. “Hey, ya know, I look pretty snazzy in these here colors. Gimme some more of that suga, mama.”

And that, friends, is how the contemporary explosion of sleek patterns, geometrical shapes and repetitions of form snuck right into our hearts and homes — for the better. Continue Reading

Get Your Sew On: Free iPad and Kindle Cover Tutorials and Patterns

Tipnut collected 16 free tutorials and patterns for iPad and Kindle covers to help you get moving on those handmade gifts for your friend and family.  The gadgets are so close in size, you can adapt the patterns to fit just about any similar sized device. 

And, if you’re like me and don’t own an iPad or Kindle, Tipnut has provided the exact dimensions for both gadgets. No excuse for procrastinating.

Continue Reading

Use Moroccan Stencils for Ceilings, Walls, Floors, and Furniture


Don’t tell my local mid-century modern group (Atomic Indy) but I’m kind of loving the whole Moroccan pattern trend. My first encounter was when I accidentally came across the My Marrakesh blog, by the lovely Maryam. Next, I found out about Melanie Royals, a San Diego stencil artist  who organized a couple of painting trips to Maryam’s pad in Marrakesh. Then, I discovered that Melanie’s company, Royal Design Studio, now sells a huge variety of fabulous Moroccan stencils. Continue Reading

How To Make a Pattern from a Thrifted Ugly Slipcovered Chair


Let’s say you find a hideously slipcovered chair at a flea market. You like the lines, hate the fabric. When you peek underneath, you only find more hideous fabric worn threadbare. Is it worth buying? It depends. If you don’t mind buying new fabric, absolutely!


OK, it’s not the same chair but you get the picture.

Slipcovers made twenty or thirty years ago were made to fit! Here’s how you can turn an old ugly slipcover into the pattern for a fresh one. Continue Reading

How to mix and match patterned fabric without going nutty.

So you want to use patterned fabric but are worried about pattern overload. Domino gives three basic rules to keep in mind to keep your creative design from going just plain crazy.

1. Three's company. Keep your pattern count to three as any more might push your room over the edge.

2. When using stripes–think straight. Domino suggests that the bold stripe on the table in the picture above complements ‘the traditional ticking stripe on the bench cushion without being too matchy.’ Continue Reading

How-to Enlarge Scaled Pattern Drawings With Wrapping Paper

MWT* started ripping and planing cedar last weekend to make a park bench. At one point, he tossed a scaled drawing of parts through the back door and said, “Can you make a pattern for these?” and promptly closed the door, not waiting for a reply. Since I suggested he make the bench in the first place, how could I say no?

But I didn’t feel like making the 40 minute round trip to Rockler for 1-inch graph paper. Continue Reading