DIY Letter Pendant

letter lighting

My penchant for letters and punctuation make me squeal for this idea. A white paper lantern filled to the gills with sticky-back vinyl lettering purchased at Michaels. Picture the letters less random, spelling out words and names. Perfect for a kid’s room or even decorations at a party or wedding! A tutorial’s probably not really necessary, but to show your love, visit The Swell Life.

Roundup: 5 Plastic Spoon Pendant Lights

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Remember the plastic spoon rose? Turns out that is just the tip of the iceberg as far as spoon-crafting is concerned. Take for example these (dare I say?) gorgeous spoon pendent lights. 

Holes in spoons negate their intent, but they also take artist’s Daisuke Hirawa creation (pictured above) into chandelier territory. 

Designer Christian DuCharme’s lamp was spotted in October of last year at the Lafayette Espresso Bar and Market.

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Technically, this next creation is identified as a ‘snowflake’, but stick a light source in that ball and you’d have a glittery pendant. Continue Reading

Papasan Chair Turned Pendant Light

created at: 11/08/2011

Serious props to Stephanie for thinking waaay outside the box in turning this papasan chair into a pendant light.  Makes me wanna take a look around the house to see what other objects have been here to fore overlooked in the ongoing pendant light construction phenomenon. 

(I think it might benefit with some sort of shade over the bulb to cut down its harsh effects.)

Spotted at Stephanie Vandal via Recycle Art

How to: Make a DWR Cellula Crystal Chandelier Knock-off

created at: 11/01/2011

Jackie fell in love with DWI’s Cellula chandelier, which is pictured above, but its $2,730 price tag made it OUT of reach. Jackie then went to work, starting off with a visit to IKEA where she snagged a Tidig pendant. From there it was just a matter of accumulating crystals.

DIY linear crystal chandelier

She used real glass crystals, which proved to be too heavy for the beading filament and crimp beads she intended to use to hang the beads, so she had to opt for 26 gauge wire. Continue Reading

Make This: A Luminous Faceted Pendant Light

created at: 10/12/2011

Remember those folded up fortune-tellers from your elementary school days? Some kids called them cootie-catchers, but I never really understood the method behind the madness with that one. But I digress, because paper folding prowess was not in vain.  

created at: 10/12/2011

Take a longing glance at this beautiful DIY faceted pendant sphere, completely covered in small fortune tellers! This project requires little more than printer paper and patience to complete, and would look stunning in an entry, a hallway, or a dining room. Continue Reading

How To: Make a Drum Light, Literally

created at: 09/22/2011

When Lindsay says she has a drum shade in her house, I’m sure most of us would picture the regular drum shades, round and generally unexciting.  But what she had envisioned and brought to fruition was something a little more literal.    How about a Tom drum hanging from your ceiling?  That is all kinds of awesome.

My little brother was a drummer in High School, and when he left home and abandoned his drum set, I should have snagged one or two for this project before my mom got rid of it.  Continue Reading

DIY Punched Brass Pendant Light

created at: 09/04/2011

Ever see a DIY project and think THERE IS NO WAY because it’s just so brilliant and so good that you can hardly believe it? That was this punched brass pendant light for me.  

I mean look at it! Shiny and beautiful and beckoning. But it’s true, someone made it and you can too. All it takes are a few materials, a little metal smithing know how, and time tempered with patience. (That last one is where I struggle!) Continue Reading

How to Make a Clothespin Pendant Light

created at: 08/04/2011

YHL used 320 clothespins to make this utterly unique pendant light. Yes, it’s perfect for a laundry room situation, but it could be cool in just about any room in the house. Stuff they used in its construction include…

  • a 4 dollar light kit from IKEA
  • some wire fencing, which is also known as hardware cloth
  • white gloss spray paint
  • wire
  • gloves
  • wire snips
  • 8 bags of clothespins

For the entire tutorial, follow this jump to YHL. Continue Reading

Chandy Candy: Amazing Chandelier Makeover

created at: 07/27/2011

If I were to tell you that this builder-basic chandelier was really a diamond in the rough and you’d want it in every room of your house, would you believe me?  What if I told you the key to success was a few metal baskets?  See for yourself.   Susan of Anythingology transformed a light fixture found at Habitat For Humanity using metal hanging planter baskets, some chandelier crystals, and spray paint.

created at: 07/27/2011

By finding the right bones, this project really was a cinch and can be easily duplicated (this was actually Susan’s second run with a light transformation of this kind) in your home too!  Continue Reading