10 Amazing Ways to Incorporate a Piano into Your Home Decor

My son is starting to take piano lessons and we’re trying to figure out how a piano fits into our home. Here are some inspiring interiors with pianos that prove a piano can be quite stylish in a home.    

1. Decorate your piano area with all your instruments

If your family is a full-on musical family then hang them above your piano. 


2. Chalk Painted Piano

I love the chalk paint and the glass knobs. Continue Reading

Before & After: A Colorful Painted Piano Makeover!

created at: 08/28/2011

A DIYer’s best friend may well be a bucket of paint and a good brush.  From dressers to kitchen cabinets and even silverware, just about anything can be improved or given a new lease on life with a fresh coat of paint… even musical instruments!  

created at: 08/28/2011

Artist and blogger Jill Denton has been transforming her front living room into a colorful retreat, but the crowning jewel is this hand-painted piano!  This makeover comes as a result of years of wishing and dreaming – and one solid week of sweat, paint, and drying time.   Continue Reading

Step by Step Piano Makeover

A friend of mine is teaching piano to kids in her home and making a killing. Parents and experts agree that learning how to play the piano is still a very good thing for kids and adults alike.  A new piano can be quite pricey while a used one can be had for practically nothing. True, sometimes free! They may not look pretty, but if they play well, you can perform a makeover and save tons of money, all for the betterment of the kids. Continue Reading