How High Should I Hang A Picture: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet

How high to hang pictures? Wall art placement tips

How high to hang pictures? Should they be at eye level? Does that mean my eye level or the eye level of the average person? What if I have very high ceilings? What about those gallery walls everyone is posting Pinterest pictures of? It's a lot to think about, right? Sometimes it seems as if there are as many answers to this question as there are different kinds of houses. This quick cheat sheet is designed to help you make this decision based on your own interior, and find the perfect height to hang pictures in your home. Continue Reading

Pattern Tape for Awesome DIY Picture Frames.

Fun Frame DIY

I don’t know how it happened, but somehow, I ended up on the HappyTape blog, subtitled “pretty, pretty tape, imported from Japan.” Apparently, some cats in Japan are making some amazing patterned, re-stickable tape, and it’s going by the name…you guessed it, Japanese tape.

A little further reserach found this post from Decor 8, on using the stuff to create easy frames for pictures and art. Now, this I can get into.

How to Make a Magnetic Picture Frame

created at: 2009-10-05

Show of hands. Who uses their refrigerator to hold the latest pics? (I do.) This little project takes its cue from that handy catch-all, the fridge door, for a very stylish result. To make a magnetic picture frame of your very own, you’ll need some stuff. Here’s a list:

  • an 8″ x 10″ picture frame
  • LoRan magnetic board
  • an 8″ x 10″ (or so) fabric scrap
  • tape
  • primer
  • paint
  • one small and one medium paintbrush
  • drop cloth/news paper
  • rare-earth magnets

To see how the project went together, follow this jump to Crafty Nest.  Continue Reading

Curbly Video Podcast: How to Create a Photo Frame from a Recycled Circuit Board

Upon visiting my local FreeGeek space, I noted the bubbling pile of e-scrap…techno goodies that will never be much use for a frankensteined personal computer. Did I see a potential resource of microchips, LEDs, and switches? Of course, but I wouldn’t know what to do with ’em. So, instead, I started slicing, and came up with this very easy, customizable, and essentially cost-free picture frame.


Twelve Essential Photographic Rules.

Photo masters PopPhoto offers twelve essential photographic rules to keep in your head, which can “get you out of a jam and help you get good shots when nothing else will.”




1. Sunny 16

2. Moony 11, 8, and 5.6

3. Camera Shake 

4. Anatomical Gray

5. Depth of Field

6. Largest Digital Print

7. Exposure

8. Quick Flash-fill

9. Flash range

10. Megapixel Multiplier

11. Action Stopping

12. Sunset 

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How to Make Magnet Photo Corners

I’ve proclaimed my refrigerator door a ‘pictures only’ area. I wanted a quick, easy and cheap way to make a collage of them. Here's what I came up with.  

What you need.

Photo corners (I bought 250 corners for 4 bucks, which I had on hand from another project.)

A sheet of magnet (this is also a great way to recycle those magnetic calendars and business cards you get in the mail.

A scissors

What you do. Continue Reading