How to make photo blocks.

Yummy Mommy made these delightful photo blocks as Christmas gifts this year. An easy and inexpensive way to lend interest to any shelf or mantel. Here’s what you’ll need to make some:

  • Modge Podge
  • scrapbook paper
  • a foam brush
  • photos printed on laser paper (a bit smaller than the blocks themselves)
  • a paper cutter or scissors
  • rub-on letters, if desired

Follow this link to see the entire tutorial to achieve the picture perfect outcome!

Hang Can Vases for Art

created at: 2009/11/11

Photo Image: Easy DiY at Home

Blank walls sometimes make us so nervous that we run out to Pier One or World Market and buy generic pictures to cover the blankness. Ick! If you’re scared to pick up a paintbrush and a blank canvas, this simple idea from Easy DiY at Home  shows you a simple way how to add metallic shine and bright repetitive pops (sorry, I swore I wouldn’t say that anymore) of color to alleviate the uncomfortable blankness.   Continue Reading

How to take light box pics…without the light box or lights!














Lion Brand is sponsoring a contest for which entrants have to submit pictures of their projects. To help contestants take the best pics possible, they’ve offered up some tips on how to take well-lit images without the aid of a light box or lights.

Their suggestion?  Find a window or door, set a small table in front of it. Stretch a sheet, tablecloth or construction paper from the top of the table to the floor. Secure the sheet/tablecloth/paper with tape or weights. Continue Reading

How To Keep Your Pictures Level

created at: 2009-04-17

Another handy, simple and very needed trick to keep pictures and light mirrors hanging straight and staying straight.

created at: 2009-04-17

Again, Mike at How I DIY solves a problem I’ve had forever.

All you do is add those little soft, rubbery bumpers to the backs of the pictures and mirrors. The bumpers grip the wall to eliminate swings and shifts and they keep the frame from scratching the paint. BRILLIANT! Click here for the entire post.

created at: 2009-04-17

Replacing World Landmarks with Cheap Souvenirs

Freelance photographer Michael Hughes started his practice of replacing the world’s landmarks and iconic images with cheap souvenirs in 1998, accumulating over 100 images taken in 200 countries. Basically, you could call what he does manual photoshopping. What’s funny about these fun images is they’re more interesting than the typical images of the real things. Although, I hope Mr. Hughes did get shots sans the souvenirs too. See his entire portfolio on his Souvenir’s flicker pageContinue Reading

A Twist on the Photo Wall: Bulldog Clips.

This DIY photowall is a mighty fine project indeed, as is Erin’s update iink here. But what if you don’t fancy the linear, geometric grouping? What if you need to funk up the angles a bit, avoiding any order of inspiration whatsover?

Just toss the wire and attach the bulldog clips directly to the wall with this tutorial from Photojojo.


  • A whole mess o’ photos
  • Assorted bulldog clips and/or binder clips
  • A hammer
  • Small nails or thumbtacks
  • An impeccable sense of style and design
  • Given the materials, you can figure out the step-by-step. Continue Reading