How to Turn a Placemat into a Clutch

Sometimes when I scan the aisles of Target, things catch my eye that I don’t have an actual use for…like placemats. I use placemats for just about anything other than their intended purpose. (I am millennial after all, and we probably killed placemats like we did everything else, ha!) In this case, I turned a placemat into a clutch by adding a zipper and a tassel zipper pull. Even the beginner sewist should be able to conquer this project in less than 30 minutes. Continue Reading

Simple, Minimal Felt Placemats You Can DIY

DIY These: Simple Felt Placemats

Around the middle of September every year, my interest in food (and eating said food) spikes by like 110%. I start saving new recipes on my phone, researching different restaurants, and expanding my shopping horizons at the grocery store. I imagine it relates to some ancient hardwiring in my body as winter approaches – at least that’s what I’m tell myself as I’m stuffing my face. I’m already thinking about the hot meals I’m going to be preparing in the cold of winter, and wanted some simple felt placemats to pair those meals with.        Continue Reading

DIY Idea: Cheat Sheet Placemat

Kniggerich Cheat Sheet Placemat By Llot Llov

The Cheat Sheet Placemat from Charles & Marie (€17.00) takes the guesswork out of setting the table. Constructed of cotton and generous in size (25″ x 23″), the placemat offers some ‘basic rules of engagement’, however, they don’t appear to be in English. No matter; the outlines are all we need–and easily reproduced in embroidery or even with fabric markers. Reminds me of the messy table cloth from a few years back, which was also DIYable, BTW.  Continue Reading

Roundup: 25 Tabletop Textiles, Placemats, & Tablecloths to Die For!

created at: 08/17/2011

From modern tea towels to tassels to tie dye, we’ve shared some of our favorite kitchen textiles and related DIY projects.  Now it’s time to take that passion to the dining table with a roundup of some of the most colorful and unique table linens out there!   


created at: 08/17/2011

1. Räsymatto Napkins by Marimekko

2. Apples and Pears Table Runner by Lizalew Design

3. Numbers Runner from CB2

4. Mina Tablecloth from Anthropologie

5. Grid Placemat by Modern Twist

created at: 08/17/2011

6. Continue Reading

Brush Roll from Placemats and More Placemat Hacks

created at: 2009-05-11

A trip to World Market or Pier One and you can’t help but get inspired by the gorgeous placemats they stock.  Cut and finished pieces made from vibrant fabrics, and oh, the many ways to use them! Over on Dollar Store Crafts I found this makeup brush roll made from a sequined placemat with straight stitching and grosgrain ribbon. See more ideas of things to make using placemats

This could just as easily hold paint brushes, art pencils, sewing tools, screwdrivers, etc. Continue Reading

Playful Placemats from Modern Twist.

The photos intimate that these modern, poppy placemats from Modern Twist are intended for kids, but these, if I ever catch them for sale, will look mighty fine on my dining table. Their transparent nature simply enhances the beauty of the table, adding a bit of visual interest. “Made from hand silk-screened food-safe silicone, the Modern-twist
placemat is available in botanical and nature-inspired patterns. With a
minimalist aesthetic, the placemat is designed for optimal
functionality with an easy-to-clean surface.” Continue Reading

Placemat Hack: Flaptop Laptop Cover


created on: 05/15/08

created on: 05/15/08

created on: 05/15/08

created on: 05/15/08

Finally a use for colorful, rectangular placements available at World Market!  Here’s a tutorial you can follow to make some jazzy padded laptop covers for yourself or for gifts.  You’ll need a little more than basic sewing skills to do this, but it’s worth the time and it’s very customize-able.  With some patience and  desire,  you’ll be the envy of all your Black-Nylon-Canvas-Cased Friends. 

what you need:

sewing machine

thread, scissors, seam ripper

three placemats,

padding for interior or quilted lining fabric

lining fabric

fabric for boxing and pockets (I used leather from a vintage coat)

fusible webbing

magnetic closure or velcro

decorative button

template of laptop size and pocket size needed (battery, power cord)


created on: 05/15/08

The above picture doesn’t show the old coat used for the boxing and pocket and the fusible webbing or iron

what you do:

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