21 Awesome DIY Planters to Kick Off the Summer Months in Style

Unofficially, summer has already started and one of the easiest ways to freshen up your space, indoors and out, is with plants. So, why not try one of these 21 DIY planter ideas to help transform your space on a limited budget. Bonus! These planter projects won’t take up your whole weekend. In fact, most of them will only take a couple of hours. You in? Let’s get to it.



Photo: Ohhh Mhhh

1. Hanging DIY bangle planters

Photo: Burkatron

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Eye Candy: Fall Porch Decor Inspiration

Fall Front Porch Inspiration

The leaves are falling,  the temperature’s dropping, and the weather is perfect for spending some time outdoors. If you’re like me, you want your porch to be as inviting as the weather around you. Here are some of my favorite fall porch decorations to help get you in the season.


1. This Boho Fall Porch is simple and not over the top orange.


2. I love the mixture of colors on these steps, including the fall lettuce plants. Continue Reading

Weekend Project: Make These Large-Scale Modern Concrete Planters

This tutorial will guide you through all the steps to making your own, large scale DIY concrete planters at home. 

DIY large scale concrete planters

This summer, we moved into a new studio space on a bustling avenue that cuts right through the heart of St. Paul and Minneapolis. We love it; our huge floor-to-ceiling-windows look out into the sun-filled street and sidewalks where we can watch the light-rail trains go rolling by. But the people looking back at us don't have as much to look at; our storefront is still looking a little shabby and unloved. Continue Reading

How To: Make Cone-Shaped Planters From Clay!

I love the look of different shaped vases and planters, but they can be hard to find or a little too expensive for my wallet. This clay planter looks like concrete and the cone shape adds a cool & modern touch!      



What a unique touch by placing them upside down in clear glass containers! You can check out the full how-to created by Marwa from Enthralling Gumption for DIYS.com right here! Continue Reading

Roundup: 18 DIY Planters, Pots and Other Decorative Ideas

Break out those gardening gloves and a bag or two of soil. It’s time to bring the outdoors in, with 18 decorative pot and planter ideas to breathe new life into your living space.    

That’s right, potted plants and earthy succulents aren’t just for the outdoors. In fact, bringing them indoors can actually help improve your mood. There are other health-related benefits as well, according to this article from Going Home to Roost.  So let’s get to it.  Continue Reading

Make It: Modern DIY Floating Planter Shelves

created at: 11/08/2012

There’s not a whole lot more that I love than the combo of walnut, succulents, and a pop of color. So, when (our very own Editor-in-Chief) Chris made these awesome DIY floating planter shelves, I flipped out — in a good way!     

created at: 11/08/2012

Chris shares the step-by-step process for making these bad boys over on our sister/brother site Man Made — check it out!

Make It: DIY Hanging Planter Garden

created at: 07/04/2012

Make use of all that vertical space on your porch, deck, or balcony with an easy, make-it-in-a-single-afternoon DIY hanging planter garden!    

This idea is great for homes where outdoor space is at a premium (or even where it isn’t!). Grab a few rectangular baskets, available just about anywhere — try thrift stores, garage sales, and the like to get them for super cheap, then head over to A Beautiful Mess to see what other materials you’ll need. Continue Reading

DIY Idea: Painted Teacup Planters

created at: 04/16/2012

These teacup planters would look absolutely adorable on a kitchen windowsill or even on your desk in a sunny office!   

A trip to any thrift store will yield teacups by-the-dozen and for CHEAP. You can also snag new ones from IKEA for not a whole lot more. After that, it’s all about using those porcelain paint pens (from that awesome painted plate project), and going to town with a custom design! Check out how Whitney from SewTrashy created her cute teacup planters right here. Continue Reading

Make It: DIY Chevron-Patterned Reclaimed Wood Planter Box!

created at: 03/27/2012

I spotted this  a w e s o m e  reclaimed wood planter box idea on Pinterest today (Are you following us? We’re pinning like mad!) and I couldn’t wait another second to share it!   

Seth and Desiree from the Zelo Photo Blog created this delightful little planter box to house their growing avocado tree.  They built a simple cedar box then clad it in reclaimed wood.  I love the effect of the old painted pieces and the playful chevron pattern, don’t you??   Continue Reading