Vertical Gardening: How to Wall-Mount Plants and Make Every Room Better!

Vertical garden
Photo: Rachel Jacks

What do you do when you run out of horizontal space for houseplants? Go up! A vertical garden made of wall-mounted plants is easier to put together than you might think, and we have a step-by-step tutorial to show you how to make your own.                     

It seems like every other week a new study comes out showing ways that plants are good for human health. But if your plants are a danger to the health of your furry friends, another advantage to a vertical garden is that it can keep plants safely away from cats or dogs who fancy a nibble. Continue Reading

How To Grow All The Succulents You Could Ever Want!

How To Regrow Succulents | A Walkthrough

Succulents are awesome. I don’t have the best luck with keeping indoor plants healthy (or alive), but succulents seem to always have my back. They’re hardy, they don’t mind if you forget to water them for a few days, and they don’t require a ton of maintenance. Plus they are just adorable. Additionally, they are also easy to fill your home with for almost no extra cost. All it takes is a little propagation; as in, you can regrow succulents from existing leaves (magic, right?).      Continue Reading

10 Ways to Get Your Garden Ready for Spring Planting!

created at: 04/06/2010

Plant doctors David Deardorff and Kathryn Wadsworth have shared with us 10 things we should consider BEFORE we nestle one seed or seedling into our gardens. Following their suggestions can help prevent pests and diseases. Use all ten, and we’ll be harvesting heavy come fall!And if you’d like to become a plant doctor too, check out David and Kathryn’s book What’s Wrong With My Plant (And How Do I Fix It?).

1. Sanitize. Continue Reading

How to Grow Your Very Own Pineapple

Rick over on Rick’s Woodshop Creations tells us everything we need to know to grow our very own pineapple in 5 easy steps. To get you started, here they are:

  1. Obtain Pineapple You’ll propagate using the crown; you’ll be able to enjoy the fruit as desired.)
  2. Prepare the Crown
  3. Root the Crown
  4. Plant the Crown
  5. Repot the Crown

To see the details of each step, along with general care, feeding, flowering and fruiting, and check out Rick’s post. Continue Reading

10 Perennials You CAN Grow from Seed


Starting perennials from seed is one of the most cost-effective types of gardening out there. First, seeds are MUCH less expensive than seedlings or mature plants. Second, once you get your perennials growing, they’ll come back year after year. Third, you can harvest some of their seeds and plant even MORE perennials. It’s a lovely circle of life, isn’t it? Anyway….if you think actually GROWING perennials from seed is easier said than done, you might be surprised at this list from Fine Gardening. Continue Reading

Trendspotting: Plant a Victory Garden

created on: 01/10/09

The epitome of DIY-ing in this economy is being played out in the growing (sorry) number of dutiful stewards planting a victory garden.  This week the L.A. Times shined the light on this trend and environmentally responsible activity of good old-fashioned garden tending. 

created on: 01/10/09

Due to food shortages during World War II, Americans were urged by the government to plant their own gardens.  By 1943, Americans had planted more than 20 million Victory Gardens that reportedly produced more than 8 million tons of food. Continue Reading