Yay or Nay: DIY Cross Stitch iPhone Case

created at: 09/06/2011

I had a good chuckle when I first spotted this “DIY” iPhone case.  It’s a little bit kitschy, a little bit genius, and a whole lot of random.  But what I really want to know is, what do you guys think?  


created at: 09/06/2011

created at: 09/06/2011

The NeoStitch case is one of the newest products from Korean design studio Connect Design.  Made of flexible, gridded plastic, it allows the user to create any cross stitch design their heart desires, adding a playful DIY element to a fairly utilitarian product.   Continue Reading

Before OR After: Chalkboard Paint vs. Wallpaper!

created at: 05/09/2011

Many of the “before and after” projects we feature are stark contrasts: obvious improvements that border on jaw-dropping (fantasy playroom or party garage, anyone?).  So today, I’d like to present a makeover where the “before” isn’t necessarily bad, just a different style.    

Ashley Campbell is a talented photographer, blogger, and an avid DIYer with a playful style and an eye for design.  She’s had a chalkboard wall at the base of her stairs for over two years but recently decided she needed a change.   Continue Reading

Poll: How Often Do You Clean

Sore subject? Maybe. I know some people who sweep and dust their home every single weekend. Other (who shal remain unnamed) are lucky if they pick up their dirty laundry off the floor once a month.

Me? I'm somewhere in between. A clean house makes me feel calm and unburdened, but I don't let keeping it clean become an all-consuming obsession.

How about you?


Cat-cleaning photo: de.ef.ha