Make It! Clay Terrazzo-Inspired Coasters

Terrazzo has recently come back in style and I'm here for it! Because it's a very old flooring material, the newer versions of terrazzo appear more colorful and versatile. To recreate the speckled look of terrazzo for my home, I made a set of simple clay terrazzo-inspired coasters with a variety of colors that fit with the decor of my home. They're easy to make, and you can customize them with your favorite colors!

 Traditionally, terrazzo is made with marble chips set in a resin or concrete and polished. Continue Reading

DIY This: Planetary Mobile for a Minimal Nursery

Minimal Nursery decor: Make this planetary mobile

As nursery trends change, the traditional pinks and blues are slowly being pushed out in favor of current, updated looks. Parents are experimenting more and more with bolder hues, playful patterns, or simply less of it all. It's easy to see why the minimal nursery look is gaining in popularity. There are fewer elements to worry about, there aren't any color-related gender-indicators (which makes styling ahead of time a breeze), and the color palette is almost non-existent.  Continue Reading

Not Your Typical Knob Makeover

created at: 03/05/2012

This ubiquitous brushed nickel knob came off a cabinet I recently painted.  I didn’t want to re-use it. I wanted something more colorful and unique for its new white backdrop. Plus, I’m kinda ‘over’ the whole brushed nickel thing. I know–boo, hiss. I looked everywhere–even the hoity toity knob store. I didn’t find anything that grabbed me, so I decided to make over the knob I already had. 
Knob makeovers on the www usually involve spray paint, but that seemed ho-hum for what I had in mind.
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