A toilet made out of poop.


Cast your eyes upon¬†Virginia Gardiner’s LooWatt, ¬†a toilet made out of poop. The waterless toilet collects solid waste which is deposited into a container lined with ‘a carbon impregnated biodegradable film’ made of starch. When the container is full, the poop is harvested from the toilet and taken to an anaerobic digester (a poop eater) that captures the resultant methane gas which then can be used as a fuel source. That, ladies and gentlemen, is TRUE waste management. Continue Reading

Cow Poop Bricks

may 1 poop 1.jpg

There’s a company by the name of EcoFaeBrick that’s using cow poop to make bricks. The bricks will then be used to build homes in Indonesia, where ruminator dung is abundant. They claim the bricks are 20% lighter and 20% stronger than clay brick. For more information, follow this jump. That’s a lot of poop….

may 1 poop 3.jpg