Idea! Make a Portable Ironing Board

best idea ever

Dragging out a big old ironing board for small projects is a pain. And sometimes being tethered to a wall-mounted ironing board won’t do. Wild Olive feels the same way, which is why she loves the little portable ironing boards herdad made for her. A small board, some padding, muslin and a staple gun and you’ve got it done!   

For something a BIT less portable, but also a bit more fancy, you can’t go wrong with Martha’s TV tray turned ironing board. Continue Reading

How To: Build a Stowable Upholstery Workbench

created at: 2009/11/25

How are you all ever going to get that chair reupholstered without a proper upholstery height workbench?  The right tools are a must. You see, upholstering on the floor is no good. You get up and down and have to flip and lift furniture to get all around it. A normal table height is no good either, a chair is way too high up to get the leverage you need.  Now there’s an answer. Just follow my simple instructions and photos of the Mr. Continue Reading

Fireplace in a Box

Malle Fire

Take a gander at Atria’s newest portable fireplace, the Malle Fire. The trunk transforms into a fireplace with a flip of its lid. From Atria’s description, it appears that the Malle Fire can only be sparked up outside. It can be stored inside as a piece of furniture (a coffee table, perhaps?) when not in use. Interested? It’ll set you back a cool $5,395. 


Hunter’s Historically-Inspired Portable Fans

When you think of Hunter Fans, you probably think of ceiling fans. However, Hunter also makes portable fans, all with a distinctly vintage look. This weekend we picked up the Classic model # 90017 (pictured above) at Target for about 50 bucks. That might sound like a lot of cash for a 12″ portable fan, but if you’re looking for a whisper quiet and stylish portable fan, it’s well worth it. This particular model is finished in brush nickle, but Hunter offers other finishes too. Continue Reading

The Portable Fireplace

Conmoto’s Travelmate is a smokeless, portable fireplace that’s fueled by bio-alcohol. And yes, it produces a real flame! It’s promotional material says you can set it on carpeting, next to a sofa, on the dining room table or outside on the terrace or in the garden. For easy transport, it comes with an attached handle. Available at for £1,291 or $2,558 U.S.

Attention Nomads: Is this Yurt for you??

The Nomad is like a traditional yurt in that it is modular, portable and easy to use, or so its manufacturer maintains. Its base measures 12 feet in diameter, and its interior height measures a lofty 7 feet 6 inches. For $6,800 you’ll get a bamboo frame and a base, but a bamboo base is available for only $2,600 more. Oh, and you’ll need a fabric cover, which will set you back another $1,300. Unfortunately the Nomad is temporarily out of stock, but that’s okay. Continue Reading

How to Turn a Tote Bag into File Tote

Portable file totes are a great way to store papers, but they’re generally very utilitarian. However, if you want a more attractive and inexpensive alternative, you might want to convert a straw handbag or basket into a personal file cabinet. The whole process took me about ten minutes and cost–no kidding–$2.50.


What you’ll need:

A straw tote or basket that will accommodate letter or legal-sized manila file folders (I found the perfect straw tote at Target for $2.50.) Continue Reading