Curb The Clutter: Genius Ways to Store and Organize Cookware

Pots and Pans Organizer Ideas
Photo: Scott Clark

It’s not an easy task to organize pots and pans in the kitchen… the varied shapes and sizes of the different pieces often end up occupying more space than they should. And let’s not even get into trying to close a drawer full of utensils in disarray! But don’t give up – there are plenty of ways to tame the mess. Here are twenty-two clever ideas and do-it-yourself projects to get everything under control once and for all.       Continue Reading

DIY Idea: Handmade Clay House Pots!

created at: 05/06/2012

Even though outdoor/plant/garden projects were so last month*, I had to share this adorable little DIY planter idea. Mostly because it’s so simple and awesome, but also because it could make a sweet Mother’s Day gift, too!   

The materials required are pretty basic and this project is open to a lot of creative interpretations. So, get your hands on some oven-bake clay (the first item on the supply list) ASAP and then head over to Say Yes to Hoboken for the tutorial as well as a downloadable house template! Continue Reading

Topsy-Turvy Bird Bath

created at: 04/03/2012

One of our favorite things to do in this lovely weather is to sit outside and watch all the hummingbirds visit our neighbor’s bird feeders.  I can only imagine the bird traffic we’d get if we had something as fun and funky as this bird bath/vertical planter amongst all the feeders!   Beth from Home Stories, A to Z had a challenge to make something for the birds, and came up with this colorful and clever arrangement.  Continue Reading

Grow It: 25 Awesome Modern Planters!

created at: 06/16/2011

Whether you’re looking to add a bit of modern flare to a deck, patio, entryway, or windowsill, you’ve come to the right place.  We’ve rounded up over 25 hip planters that are sure to add a mod vibe to your living space!  If you’re ready to get growin’ in style, read on!   

created at: 06/16/2011

1. Wall Mounted Mini Pots by Thelermont Hupton available from A+R Store

2. Hugo Pot by OFFI available from Design Public

3. Galvanized Planters from CB2

4. Continue Reading

DIY Modern & Simple Pot Rack


Doug’s wife wanted a pot rack. It had to be modern, simple and she didn’t want to spend more than 40 bucks on it. With those parameters, Doug set to work.

Materials he assembled:

  • 2 pieces of  1″ x 2″ x 24″ oak (2 bucks each)
  • 2 aluminum  3/4″ x 48″ long 10-gauge C-channels (8 bucks each)
  • 2 metal brackets (a buck a piece)
  • screws (a buck)
  • S hooks (12 bucks)

Tools he used:

  • a drill
  • a hacksaw
  • pliers
  • level

To see how Doug put it all together, head on over to Small Notebook. Continue Reading

How to Make Hypertufa Garden Pots

created at: 2009-05-29

Okay, first let’s define Hypertufa. According to The Artistic Garden, Hypertufa (hyper-toofa) is an artificial stone that was ‘first created in the mid 19th century by mixing sand, peat, various volcanic aggregates and cement.’ It’s lighter than stone or concrete and if cured properly it’s freeze-proof. Now to the fun part: Using hypertufa to make pots. Here’s a video showing us how.

But wait! Hypertufa can be used to make more than garden vessels. Continue Reading

Make a Tipsy Flower Pot Tower

So cute and easy to make, this tower will add interest and verticality to any garden. Supplies are minimal and include:

A tall, sturdy rod about 66″ tall.
1 – 12″ round clay pot.
4 – 10″ clay pots.
Potting soil.

To assemble the Tipsy Tower, first drive the metal rod into the ground; then thread the pots onto the rod, starting with the 12″ pot and filling with soil as you go. Add your favorite plants and you’re done! Continue Reading

Totally DIY-able Chalkboard Cachepots from Pottery Barn

I spotted these in the latest Pottery Barn catalog. The 3.5″ by 3.5″ pots are six dollars each or six for $29, but they would be really easy to make and for a fraction of the cost. A container of chalkboard paint would cover dozens upon dozens of clay pots. I would probably spend a few extra bucks on some pot sealant or simple plastic inserts to protect the paint job.