How to Stay Present During the Holiday Season

How to Stay Present During the Holidays
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Despite what's depicted in Hallmark movies, the holidays can actually be a really stressful time of year. Not only that, but if you're not careful, added anxiety and pressure can cause you to miss the season all together. With Thanksgiving in the rear view and Christmas coming around the corner fast, how in the world are we supposed to stay in the present and enjoy what this season has to offer? Continue Reading

10 Stunning DIY Hostess Gift Ideas

10 Stunning DIY Hostess Gifts

It’s that time of year… when you start getting invitations for holiday parties and get-togethers. Which means you’ll need some small gifts to thank the hostess for having you. Here are ten of our favorite easy DIY hostess gifts.   


10 Stunning DIY Hostess Gifts
Photo: Daisy Mae Belle

1. Give them this simmering potpourri by Daisy Mae Bell… it will make any home smell delicious! 

10 Stunning DIY Hostess Gifts
Photo: Martha Stewart

2. These monogrammed hand towels by Martha Stewart would make a great gift too.  Continue Reading

How To: Make a Paper Winebag.


Perfectly thoughtful gifts require perfectly thoughtful wrappings. And less-than-sublimely personalized gifts DEMAND thoughtful wrappings. A bottle of wine is always a neutral choice (only the decision between red or white), and to present it?

This custom cardstock “winebag” which you can print and cut on demand. The design makes clever use of ribbon and grommets, and presents a variability so it’ll never get old.



Wrapping Paper and Bow Conservation

Running out of wrapping paper and bows and need more FAST? I saw this on Martha yesterday and put the Curbly spin to it.



What little wrapping paper you have left



Martha’s Wrap

Wrap your present in newsprint. I like the stock quotes as they make a nice, uniform background.

Cut a strip of wrapping paper to circumference the present, fold in edges, wrap around package, tape strip together in back of present. Continue Reading

Cheap Christmas Decorating: Gift Wrapped Door

Although we don’t see it often up in the northland–probably because of the snowstorms and such–I’ve heard down south it’s quite popular to gift wrap your front door for the holidays.

A novice at door-wrapping, I consulted the experts. Here’s a blow by blow to get the job done.

Supplies Needed

The same stuff you’d use to wrap a present, only more of them. Although, the instructions I found made a point of stating that it’s important to make sure your wrapping paper is wider than your door. Continue Reading