How to: DIY Family Silhouette Art in Under an Hour

Family Silhouette Art in Under an Hour

I've been itching to do some DIY art for our home that could involve my kids, but still be stylish and modern. This family silhouette art is definitely a blast from the past! I remember doing this in elementary school and coming home proudly displaying my rather odd-looking silhouette for my parents. This time around, I decided to have it more large scale, keeping the colors simple and the frames clean. It took less than an hour by the time I had them framed and up on the wall!  Continue Reading

Sew Yourself a Pair of Shorts in Under an Hour!

How to sew shorts without needing a pattern

I have a really hard time buying shorts. I usually can’t find any in the store that I like, because, let’s face it – most women’s shorts are so short they’re actually just denim underwear in disguise. Even if I do find shorts I like, I can’t seem to bring myself to pay $25 for an article of clothing that requires so little fabric, and that I’m only going to wear for a few months out of the year. Continue Reading

Time for Tea: The Ultimate Modern Tea Towel Roundup!

created at: 08/03/2011

My name is Capree and I have a tea towel problem.  It’s almost a compulsion really: I am always, ALWAYS finding new tea towels to obsess over.  My head is full of hundreds of these little textile goodies; it’s overflowing and needs to be purged!  Luckily for you, this self-initiated intervention is taking the form of a roundup.  I hope you’re ready.  And if, at the end of this, you find yourself craving tea towels too, consider yourself warned!   Continue Reading

Guess The Knockoff! (And then Make One)

created at: 07/07/2011

created at: 07/07/2011

Knock offs are great, aren’t they? I’ve noticed, however, they usually go one of two ways. 1. They look just as good as the original or 2. they look almost as good as the original. In this case, I think the knock off looks BETTER than the original, (a print at World Market $129). Now, can you guess which is the original? Take a look at the knock off in situ:   

Painting for the non-artsy 008

The Two Girls used round sponge brushes to make the blossoms. Continue Reading

How to: Make a DIY Wooden Pennant

created at: 05/26/2011

Over the weekend, I whipped up a wooden pennant inspired by a product I saw on Design Crush. I l’ve always wanted to play around with printing a bold color onto wood grain, and like the whole “hooray” spirit without being too nostalgic or belongy. Which is not a word.   I cataloged the whole process and show you how to make one easily on our site, ManMade.

How to: Make a DIY Wooden Pennant

How To: Print Your Own DIY Wrapping Paper

created at: 12/15/2010

This year, I’m all over making my own wrapping paper. I’ve made bold, graphic paper using type, drawn a subtle handmade snowflake design, and adorned plain paper with DIY stamps, but I wanted to do a full-on printed pattern over an entire sheet.   I do know how to screen print, but it’s a lot of work for a couple sheets, so I turned to another classic printmaking technique: a carved linoleum block. A contemporary update to woodblock printing, this method carves away the negative space of a design, leaving your image raised and inkable, which then gets transfered to the paper or fabric. Continue Reading

Plan 59 – Retro Illustration Resource

Plan 59 is an online museum and gift shop of mid-century illustrations and art. Full of vintage advertising images, sales literature, and just plain old retro art, it’s the kind of place in which you can get lost for hours. They even have a collection entitled “Decor” where you can resource and get inspiration for your own mid-century spaces.


Many of the images are also available as a digital print. Head to Plan59 to learn more. Continue Reading

Holiday How-To: Cranberry Dye for Holiday Cards.


What’s better than sending a handmade card for the holidays?

Sending a handmade card with ink you made yourself, of course.

From Katherine Sharpe at Readymade: “Britt Browne’s materials are just as essential to her art as her designs. She makes her own ink using homegrown plants, then prints on handmade paper. Here, Britt shares the secret to making greeting-card-ready paper or fabric using the season’s most ubiquitous berry. Learn more about Britt and her work at The Paper Moon Project, and if you’re not in the mood to make your own cranberry dye, you can shop her limited-edition cranberry dyed cards at Soolip.” Continue Reading

12 Ways to Use a Tea Towel.


Studiopatro is a San Francisco design studio that creates amazing typographic, nature, and geometric-inspired tea towel. Their work is so beautiful you’ll want to do way more than simply dry dishes, and thankfully, they’ve offered twelve ideas to use tea towels in your life and decor.

  • Easy apron
  • Frame-able art
  • Line your tea tray
  • Protect your tender hands 
  • Dry fresh greens
  • Create a cushion
  • Give as gifts
  • Wrap as gift wrap
  • Line your bread basket
  • As a napkin or table cloth
  • As a placemat or table runner
  • Wrap a wine bottle

Check out the amazing photos of the suggestions here. Continue Reading