How to: DIY Typographic No-Sew Holiday Banner

Yep, the season is here and I'm ready to deck. those. halls. Each year, I lean more and more towards minimal Christmas decorations and I love simple black and white with splashes of metallics. I'm a huge fan of a banner or pendent. They are easy to hang and roll up small and compact to pack away for the rest of the year. Banners add a relaxed, informal vibe to a space. This no-sew, narrow NOEL banner is perfect for a tight space. Continue Reading

How to Dress Up a Plain Pillow in an Instant (with Free Printable!)

Dress up a plain pillow in an instant with heat-set vinyl (plus free printable!)

Pillows. I could own a hundred and still want more. It's getting to the point where I can't justify buying more pillow covers when I already have so many, so I thought I'd satisfy my addiction by making one instead. Not only is it way cheaper, I also got to try out heat set vinyl for the first time – win!        

Pillow with heat-set vinyl decals

I'm pleased to report that iron-on vinyl is super easy to work with and the end result looks fantastic if I do say so myself. Continue Reading

Let’s Hit the Beach! Double DIY: Popsicle Tote and Watermelon Towel

DIY popsicle tote and watermelon beach towel

One of the things we look forward to most come summertime are visits to our local beach. Lying back on a towel with our toes in the warm sand and the sound of waves in the background is pure bliss.

But once we head to the water for a dip and emerge from the ocean to stroll back to our towels, we often find ourselves looking around in confusion because our little bundle of belongings looks just like every other bundle on the beach! Continue Reading

How To: Make Mud Cloth Paper Lanterns

DIY Mud Cloth Paper Lanterns
Photo: Marlene Sauer


There may still be snow on the ground in some places (I’m looking at you, Boston), but spring will be here before you know it. And that means — patio season!

New England winters have trained me to take advantage of every available moment of spring and summer weather, so I am always looking for easy ways to make my tiny driveway patio cuter. That’s where these DIY Mud Cloth Paper Lanterns come in. Continue Reading

How to: DIY Typographic Easter Eggs

DIY Spray Painted Symbol Easter Eggs
Photo: Faith Towers Provencher

Before we know it, Easter will be upon us… which means that it’s high time to get some Easter eggs in a basket! (Or in this case, a white tray). Today we’re sharing a quick and easy way to decorate eggs using spray paint and few adhesive stickers. Click through to check out the full tutorial.   


DIY Spray Painted Symbol Easter Eggs
Photo: Faith Towers Provencher


  • Spray paint in a couple of colors
  • Adhesive alphabet stickers with symbols
  • Room temperature white eggs
DIY Spray Painted Symbol Easter Eggs
Photo: Faith Towers Provencher


Begin by laying an egg out on a paper towel and spray painting the top surface. Continue Reading

How to Update a Throw Pillow Using Only a Marker

I’m a self-proclaimed pillow hoarder. Because of this, I tend to drive my boyfriend crazy, so I try to limit my pillow purchases, but since I love swapping out my couch pillows often, I like to try DIY techniques that can help me save money. When I stumbled upon this Urban Outfitters typographic pillow, I instantly thought “I can make that.” It’s easy to update a throw pillow with marker to create this abstract typographic look!  Continue Reading

How to Easily Personalize Any Pillow with Your Own Design

How to Easily Personalize Any Pillow with Your Own Design

I'm a pillow hoarder, so it's probably no surprise that I always have extra pillow covers in the house. I swap out my pillows every time I get sick of something, and because purchasing new pillows all the time is an expensive hobby, I've found a surefire way to personalize any pillow with my own designs using inexpensive IKEA pillow covers! The secret: sticker paper and paint. 

 In previous pillow DIYs, I've shared the wonders of iron-on vinyl, but the easiest and longest lasting way to personalize a pillow is still with good 'ol fabric paint. Continue Reading

Make It: DIY Photographic Pillow With Light-Sensitive Dye (on the Cheap!)

Make It- DIY Pillow with light Sensitive Dye

Who doesn’t love a colorful pillow? Moreover, who doesn’t love a bold, graphic colorful pillow with a personal touch? This simple technique allows you to print any image of your choosing onto fabric, then sew it up for a totally custom look. Right? Right. Let’s make one!



Make It- DIY Pillow with light Sensitive Dye

Here is what you need:

Continue Reading

How to: DIY Scrabble Tile Wood Planter

DIY may not be an official Scrabble word, but for this DIY planter project, it’s a total game-winner.    

As you know, Scrabble is a word game with tiles marked with a letter and a point valued from 1-10. And for fans of type and clean design, those little tiles are definitely iconic and full of inspiration. Here’s how to bring the look into your decor with a simple table or desktop planter, with Jessica, Jenna and Jodi of the lifestyle blog j. Continue Reading

Make This: Scandinavian-Inspired Hand Printed Tablecloth

Make This: Simple Swiss-Cross Patterend Stamped Tablecloth

Make This: Scandinavian Tablecloth

I can’t get enough of Scandinavian design, and I’m on the hunt for ways to bring this style into my home. The decor in my house hasn’t had a theme until very recently (unless you consider furniture inherited from past roommates a theme). Now that I’m almost 30 (panicked bells ringing as I type that), the items in my home are brought in with more intention. I love all things monochromatic, so the Scandinavian look fits my mostly-gray furniture perfectly. Continue Reading