How To Lay a Perfect Bead of Caulk

created at: 2009-04-24

If you have one drop of DIY blood running through your veins, you know that ignoring bad caulking can cost you time and money. If you notice the caulking around your tub shrinking and gappy with a hint of mold or mildew, don’t procrastinate. The biggest pain is cleaning out all of the old caulk,

created at: 2009-04-24


but laying the new bead of caulk is the fun part. Not only are you taking care of a needed repair, but you’re also going to get almost instant gratification with a beautiful, fresh, waterproof seal. Continue Reading

DIY: Ten Minute Grommet Workshop

created on: 04/23/08

While helping a friend with her booth for a trade show, we learned how to install grommets simply and frustration-free.  If you need grommets installed for a craft, drapes, shower curtains, drawstring totebags, or your handsewn tent, DO NOT think that a grommet kit from a fabric store will be sufficient. Try to get a semi-industrial kit from the hardware store.  They are heavier duty and the pricing is more reasonable.  If you really want the jumbo grommets, take your project to a drapery workroom and see if they’ll install them for you using their very expensive, heavy duty equipment. Continue Reading

Don’t It Yourself?

This photo, with an adequate warning and shaming from DIYLife, elicits an important question:

What should you never do yourself?

Clearly, you shouldn't duct tape your baby to a wall, whether you do it yourself or with assistance.

But what tasks or repairs do you think absolutely must go to a professional? Intense electrical or gas work? Masonry? House cleaning?