Fireworks Projector

created at: 2010/01/27

The new fireworks projector ($126) from Sega Toys simulates a fireworks display worthy of the 4th of July. Five projection lenses throw the images, which are accompanied by appropriate sound effects. Although, the oohs and aahs are up to you. It’d be unique way to put a finale on any special occasion! It comes with 9 cartridges for large fireworks and 10 cartridges for small fireworks. 

created at: 2010/01/27

 Follow this link for more info, and check out this vid to see it in action:

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DIY Projection Screen.

Fan of impromptu drive-in theaters? Hardcore hometheater enthusiast? Shadow-puppet fanatic?

Then you need a big ol' screen on which you can project whatever feeds your need for eye candy.

Will O'Brien offers a how-to on creating your own large format screen- in 2.35:1!- from materials available at your local hardware store and fabric shop.




Shadow Play With Adam Frank

The artist and inventor who gave us LUMEN™ light projectors has created yet another glorious ambient lighting wonder. It is REVEAL™, and basically it is a projector, which can be mounted to a ceiling or wall, that casts the impression of a window with light streaming through it. REVEAL™ also throws shadows through the ‘window’ that form outlines of tree branches seen in the distance. To complete the illusion, the branches sway ever so slightly, as if a breeze stirs them. Continue Reading