The Most Popular DIY Projects of 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen! Presenting the Most Popular Do-It-Yourself Projects of the year of our Lord, Two Thousand, Double-Aught, and Nine.

Okay, well, the most popular projects picked by productivity and technology site Lifehacker. Oh, and only featuring projects highlighted by Lifehacker. And viewed in popularity on Lifehacker.

Still, it’s a pretty good list, and a great year-end tribute to 365 days of creativity.

My faves are the secret passageway bookshelf and the brick pizza oven. Head over to the list and tell us what gets you goin’! Continue Reading

DIY Thanksgiving: 15 Early House Prep Tips

created at: 2009-10-20

Don’t get caught like this–table centerpiece is ready and the wall is still being painted–Yikes!

We’re not even to Halloween and, from past experience, it’s time get my Thanksgiving (House Projects) To Do list in order. Every year I’m caught at the last minute trying to spruce up the joint and make the most outstanding tablescapes (in the words of Sandra Lee) the world has ever seen.

We’re five weeks out. There’s plenty of time, if well planned, to whip the house into an entertaining mecca that will meet even your highest expectations.  Continue Reading

DIY: 5 Professional Painting Tips

created at: 2009-04-12

Some of us fear a painting project, but experience has shown me that once you get your method down, it can really be quite therapeutic. You don’t have to purchase tricky rollers, gadgets, different tapes and throws. Keep it simple or you won’t want to return to the project. 

Here are 5 pared down tips from DIY Guy at Popular Mechanics.   Simple is best and the short list says it all.  

1. Tint the primer

2. Continue Reading

Craft Secrets Revealed!

Crafty Chica Kathy Cano-Murillo has assembled some insider tips, shortcuts, and secrets for craft projects.

  • Use a crayon to pick up small items (like jewels or crystals) for gluing. (See photo)
  • Use a heat gun to give Velveteen paint a suede-like texture.
  • Use an empty squeeze bottle to blow away excess glitter.
  • Drain a glod glue gun in an old mug.
  • Cure resin pieces on wax paper.
  • Clean 'crafted' hands with baby wipes.

Go to Crafty Chica for all the good details, then Spill Your Crafty Secrets!!! Continue Reading