Learn How to Use Punch Needle Embroidery to Make DIY Art

Learn How to Use Punch Needle Embroidery to Make DIY Art
Photo:  Faith Towers Provencher

If you love crafting (and I'm guessing you do, if you're looking at Curbly right now!) then perhaps you've heard of an embroidery tool called a punch needle. I hadn't heard of it until recently, but I'm now a convert. It produces a raised texture using small loops, and it goes quite quickly thanks to the ingenious design of the needle. Today I'm sharing what I've learned about punch needle embroidery so you can get started with this fun needle art process!    Continue Reading

Make Quick, Easy Embroidered Wall Art With This Secret Weapon: The Punch Needle!

How to embroidery easy wall art using our new favorite tool!

I've been crafting for a fairly long time (I won't say how long because I don't want to date myself). In all my years of making stuff I can't believe it took me this long to discover the embroidery tool I'm using to create this easy wall art. I first stumbled across this technique on social media. Someone had posted a “Work in Progress” video, and they were causally punching away at some fabric, creating embroidered lines at breakneck speed. Continue Reading