13 Things You Can Just Go Ahead and Throw Away Right Now

New Years Cleaning Challenge: Get rid of these 13 things cluttering your home

It’s a new year. Now that the dust has settled, you want to maintain the great start you’ve accomplished. That means you gotta make like Elsa in Frozen and just “Let it go! Let it goooo…” That’s right, I’ve caught the purging bug, and I’m talking about getting rid of clutter. After the materialist pressure of the holidays, it always feels good to go through your home and do a quick purge. This January, take on this cleaning challenge and get rid of the unnecessary. Continue Reading

A Room-by-Room Guide for Lightening Your Material Load (With Printable Checklist!)

A Room-by-Room Guide for Lightening Your Material Load

The spring cleaning bug has bitten me. Hard. Which is right on schedule for this time of year. After winter has long lost its charm, that's when I usually start itching to “switch things up” in my house. This usually includes throwing away or thinning out a good number of my material possessions. When it's so muddy and dark outdoors, feels like a fresh breath indoors, ya know? Rather than get overwhelmed at the notion of downsizing your entire house, I find it's nicer to stick to a list. Continue Reading

Basement Purging (is a State of Mind)

created at: 2009-07-28

In order to rid yourself of junk, materials, and seemingly valuable items you might use someday, it takes a split second change in your mindset. I must have gotten this gear shifting ability from my dad. When we moved, the one and only time while I was growing up, we got rid of everything. He had no sentiment about things and stuff.

created at: 2009-07-28

This weekend I went into that zone and rifled through my beloved fabrics, paper, supplies and purged, purged, purged.  Continue Reading

Clear Out Your Kitchen!

Cleaning your kitchen and clearing it out are two different things entirely. Cleaning it involves soap and water and such. Clearing it out, which is much more fun, just requires a garbage bag or two and these ideas from Betty Confidential.

In the Pantry, Freezer & Fridge:

Throw away anything you haven’t used in the last year, because it’ll probably go unused for the next 12 months too.

If you bought ingredients for a recipe you didn’t make, consider taking them to your local food shelf or share them with a neighbor. Continue Reading