How To: Make Dramatic PVC Uplights

Dramatic PVC Uplights
Photo: Dremel Weekends

Our friends over at Dremel Weekends feature this absolutely lovely trio of uplights made of PVC. They look great with white interiors, but I’m wondering what they might’ve looked like sprayed on the inside, perhaps with something metallic like gold.

Besides the PVC pipe and a roto tool and bits (preferably Dremel, of course), other things we’ll need to make them include spotlights, clamps, and masking tape. For the entire tutorial, head on over to this page on Dremel Weekends. Continue Reading

How To: Make a PVC Pipe Small-Scale Christmas Tree

DIY Table top PVC Christmas Tree
This season we partnered with Dremel to bring you a pair of tabletop holiday trees you can add to your winter decor. We wanted to come up with a project for all of you folks who are tight on space, but still wanted to bring in lots of seasonal cheer. 

Using several tubes of PVC, you can quickly fashion a unique tree (on a small scale) and spruce it up to your liking.  We love this tree’s versatility; it can house ornaments or trinkets (like a curio box), or it can stand alone, as a minimal, modern piece.  Continue Reading

A Little Spring Fun: How to Make a DIY Modern Pillar Planter

created at: 04/03/2012

Hi!  I’m Alexandra Hedin – a lifestyle and entertaining expert from the Pacific Northwest.  I provide inspiration, recipes, and crafts for creating a lovely life.  It doesn’t take much to make everyday lovely – or to have fun.  And isn’t that what life is about? All week I’ll be here showing you how I threw together a little springtime affair that takes only a little thought and some good friends. 

All week I have shown you how to host the perfect little soiree outdoors.   Continue Reading

Modern PVC Pipe Dresser Makeover

created at: 11/14/2011

While walking down the plumbing supply aisle in her local big box store Mandi was hit by inspiration. She decided to use PVC pipe to makeover an old dresser she had purchased at a garage sale for 50 dollars. Now, I know what you’re thinking: How does one go about using PVC pipe to makeover a dresser?? Like this:    

created at: 11/14/2011

Mandi tells how she did the entire makeover over at Vintage Revivals, where also apologizes for iffy ‘before’ shot. Continue Reading

Make Your Own PVC Storage System.

There’s nothing like seeing something online, and instead of reaching for your wallet and hitting the Paypal bookmark, you head to the hardware store (where you’ll eventually reach for your wallet, but the total will be much less) cause you’re about to make it yourself.

 The Stash storage system is one of those projects. These modern honeycombing cylinders hold your office supplies, cosmetics, crafty bits…even silverware. And when you make it yourself- with this inspiration from Apartment Therapy’s OhDeeOh – you can customize your system for your exact needs. Continue Reading

Diy Air Purifier.

“The EPA has noted that indoor air can be almost ten times worse than the air outside. Thus, air purification has rapidly become a multi-billion dollar industry. While a small, no-frills air cleaner for your personal space can be had for less than $100, a state-of-the-art medical-grade air purifier aimed at microbiological abatement can cost over $1000. For those who wish to breathe in healthier air without spending a lot of money, read the directions below on how to create your own air purifier from inexpensive materials.” Continue Reading

Store your wine in sewer pipes.

Don’t get me wrong, I think this wine rack is kinda cool, but it does look like a bunch of waste pipe. Nice waste pipe, to be sure, but waste pipe none-the-less. Instead of spending the 158 bucks, I just might visit the plumbing department at my local hardware store and attempt a DIY. But how to attach them all in that wonky way? Epoxy? Not sure…but something to think about.

Oh, and by the way, it IS suggested that you store your wine in sewer pipe. Continue Reading