Real Talk: What’s the Best Christmas Cookie?

Real Talk: What's the Best Holiday Cookie?

I never believed in Santa Claus.

I was raised in a pragmatic and practical household. My parents were, and are, no-nonsense folk. Keen on traditions, but not fond excess frill. This was true during the holidays, too. From the very beginning, there was no Santa. He was just a story, a nice idea. Instead of the jolly man in the red suit, there was gratitude for one another, and drawn-out appreciation for gifts received (we were only allowed to open two gifts a day – one in the morning and one at night – for the duration of the twelve days of Christmas, or until the gifts ran out). Continue Reading

Real Talk: Does Anyone Actually Like Pumpkin Pie?

Real Talk: What's the Best Thanksgiving Pie?

When it comes to Thanksgiving and Christmas, it’s easy to get obsessed about the details. The holidays only come once a year and it sucks to feel like you missed out on the festivities. We all have certain traditions that make the holidays just feel like the holidays. One year as a kid, my mom tried to change up Thanksgiving dinner. She didn't feel like cooking the same old turkey and green bean casserole, so instead we had a thematic dinner. Continue Reading

Is The Coffee Table Going Extinct?

There’s an article on Stylist Home that declares the coffee table is going extinct. It may very well be what with more multi-task options like cubbies and even ottomans. With their observation, they put together a slide show of 7 other items that might soon be forgotten. Included on their endangered list is the sideboard, the love seat, the nightstand, the full-size bed, the landline and the tablecloth. Do you agree with any of these predictions?? Continue Reading

Are Wall Decals ‘So Over’?

modern apartment Freshome20 Charming Apartment with Surprising Design Elements

Crusing through the usual sites recently, I came across a post at one of my regular stops. (No, I won’t mention which one.) The poster said that we were over wall decals, which made me ask two questions.

 One, “Do you have a turd in your pocket?” and two,”Are we over wall decals?” This morning, I spotted the one pictured above over at Freshome and squealed a little*. I guess that means I’m not over them yet. Continue Reading

Upper West Side Microstudio: New York’s Smallest Apartment?

created at: 04/05/2011

Just how small does an apartment have to be before it’s qualified as a ‘microstudio?’ In the case of Felice Cohen’s Upper West Side apartment, that figure would be 90 square feet. She pays $700 a month in rent. Comparatively, the average rent for an Upper West Side pad is $3,600. Watch the video below to see how Felice lives in such a tiny place, and then answer this question: Could you live in 90 square feet? Continue Reading

Are your favorite stores going out of business too?

Last year there was a rash of store closings in my part of the country. They were dropping like flies! It was scary. First was Circuit City, then Linens and Things and then World Market. (I loved World Market.) It settled down over the summer, and I thought I wouldn’t lose any more of my go-to stores. Within the last month or so, things started to take another ominous turn.   

Ultimate Electronics is going, as is my favorite Borders, along with a nearby mom & pop (actually mom & daughter) stamp and paper boutique. Continue Reading