How to Go to the Movies for Less This Summer

How to get cheap movies tickets and save money this summer

It's summertime, which means bonus free time, if you're lucky. Going to the movies is a classic way to stay out of the sun while still having fun – the only issue is that outlandish price tag! I had quit going to the movies a few years back, because the cost of admission was higher than I was comfortable with. However, after learning different ways to obtain cheap movie tickets, and figuring out how to keep my costs low, I'm back to seeing flicks on the big screen. Continue Reading

Upcycled Cereal Box Marble Run

Joel sketched out a plan for a cereal box makeover. He and the kids had to quickly gobble up more cereal to free up some extra boxes. Crafting this activity obviously held their attention long enough for Joel to snap these catalogue quality photos.

Ahhhhhh…marbles. See the blueprint and[]

Joel’s run was made by cutting, notching and attaching. How simply ingenious?